Shiny heels

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Shiny heels

Type: Transportation skill

The shiny heels skill isn't really learnt, per se - it is more like all of a sudden your shoes have started to evolve! As you wipe the monster muck and dirt from the road off your shoes you realize that they have actually started to shine a touch. As your hero continues to train in the use of this skill, their ability to use them to get around faster will improve and the heels become brighter as well.


Level 1

The heels develop a dull shine. Your hero is still getting used to walking in them, and may even see a few snails or small turtles passing by.

Level 4-5

The heels reflect sparkles of light, particularly useful against monsters that have sensitive eyes. The transportation ability at this skill level is still very limited, as your hero will frequently be stopped to be given a compliment on the shoes or asked where they were purchased.

Level 6-10

As the sun starts to set and you see the moon coming out, your shoes begin to glow. Other heroes start bunching around you at night hoping that the light with scare away the monsters. Your hero literally feels light on their feet and as a result, is able to walk slightly faster than normal.

Level 11-20

The glow is getting brighter and you can see the road light up around your feet. Other heroes may use this improved light source to inspect their equipment and artifacts. Your hero can travel at slightly slower than the speed of sound.

Level 21+

Brighter and brighter your heels shine until your hero is walking in the middle of the night in a sphere of radiance being emitted from your heels! Your hero literally travels at ludicrous speed (faster than the speed of light).