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• We are aligned with the Browncoats. A little chaos is alright, but if you fight with the Alliance you'd best mosey on.

Motto: Keep Flying!
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: ~22k c.u. c.u.
Date Founded: March 7, 2012
Membership Count: 100
Guild Page: Serenity 
Data current as of March 7, 2012


Take me out to the black / Tell em I ain't coming back / Burn the land and boil the sea / You can't take the sky from me

Serenity is a friendly, boisterous guild prone toward bursting into slightly (for a liberal definition of the word) drunken song in the guild's chat box. Come sing with us, drink with us, and make merry!


The history of this guild has been muddled and altered amongst the drunken heroes of taverns all over the 'Verse. The arguably most popular tale is that a single hero was ambushed by a pack of Firefoxes when the mysterious and elusive Browncoats appeared and used their enchanted leathers to protect the hero from the deadly inferno. Once escorted to the still hidden village of the Browncoats, the hero encountered others similarly rescued from the deadly Firefoxes that roamed the lands around the village. To repay the debt for saving their lives, the heroes created the Serenity guild to protect the Browncoats.

As said before, there are many variations to this story. Some say that it was the hero who saved the Shaman's daughter and was pleaded to become their guardian. Some even claim that the heroes of Serenity are the transformed Firefoxes that hide the whereabouts of the Browncoats. Either way, it is set in stone that the Browncoats, whoever they may be, are allied to the death with this guild.

Guild Strongholds

Noteworthy Members

The Browncoats

The Browncoats are a just common folk. We do what is best for each other and the Verse. We kill if we have to, but we don't have to like it.... or do we ;)


Our members can be viewed at

Temple, Pet, and Ark Owners

Temple and Pet Owners

Temple Owners

Forum Etiquette

Guild Chronicles

The following entries listed here were events deemed noteworthy.

Day 675 g.e.: The Serenity Guild entered the Godville verse.

Day 1831 g.e.: GodLuelinks  became the first member of Serenity to own a Temple, Pet, and Ark. Congratulations, GodLuelinks !