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Secret Pantheons (also called hidden pantheons) refers to the pantheons in the Russian-language Godville not visible in this Godville. It is not currently known whether this Godville tracks these pantheons. Many moons ago, gods could track their secret pantheon ranking through the API, but that feature is no longer available. Currently, the secret pantheons (roughly translated) are:

  • Pantheon of support. A long-term pantheon ranking gods' monetary contributions to the game of Godville.
  • Pantheon of sublimity. A short-term pantheon. This pantheon is a measure of how many miracles a god has recently performed.
  • Pantheon of rivalries. A short-term pantheon based upon arena performance (and not skirmishes) over the past 30 days. This pantheon is split into three according to hero levels 10 to 29, 30 to 49, and 50 to 99. Accordingly, there are three #1 rankings for the pantheon of rivalries.