Secret Satan

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Secret Satan
Strong Monster
Artifact Really priceless gift
Description Unknown

The Secret Satan was once a boy who never got his present from his Secret Santa in school. He has always wanted revenge, and tries to steal presents from anyone he can. Since he never got his revenge on that kid, he asked a demon for help.

While this monster appears only on the the days of the wintery holiday, will be guaranteed to drop a Really priceless gift, allegedly more precious and priceless than an ordinary Priceless gift.



  • After stealing many presents, he has found good gear and will be well equipped.


  • Giving the Secret Satan a gift will make him teary eyed long enough for a hero to whack him on the head with his/her weapon.
  • Any mention of a Secret Santa will make the monster throw a fit long enough for a hero to attack or escape.