Secret Party

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Secret Party
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 27646 c.u.
Date Founded: On a day
Membership Count: 81
Pantheon of unity Rank: 201
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 189
Forum Headquarters: Secret Party
Guild Page: Secret Party 
Data current as of 03/31/13


Secret Party was founded by GodViolent Angel  and GodNoelle-  on a day when we were quite bored, and had nothing to do. Then we noticed we both loved to party! So we put our, well Noelle-'s confused brain, and Violent's slightly smarter brain together, and made the guild!! Where we could party anytime we wanted, and be able to blow up our own guild hall if we wanted to! Of course doing the details were a little hard because well being confused, and doing details can be hard, but we pushed through it! And now we have our guild! Yes, it is about partying, but there are other things too! The secret part? Well no one knows when, and what will happen, so its always a secret.


Joining is quite easy. Just tell your slob of a hero/heroine to "Join "Secret Party" guild". Without the qoutes of course. Well just outes around Secret Party. This is done by God Voice. Is there another way? Probably not. So just stick with doing it by God Voice. It may also take more than a few tries, so don't get down if they don't listen right away. Make sure not to cancel your current quest, and to tell your hero outside of town. Don't tell them while they're fighting monsters, at the traders, praying or just plain in town. And if this has confused you, which it may, then just look at the FAQ's or contact GodNoelle-  or GodViolent Angel . We'll try our best to help you!

Keeping Your Hero Joined!

Now for staying in the guild is simple! If your hero decides to go on a quest to join another guild, just simply tell them to cancel or quit the quest. Pretty much like telling them to join, just the opposite! Also make sure you do this while they aren't in town, at the traders, fighting a monster, or drinking(they definitely won't listen then). Do it while they are outside of town, and just wondering, or idle. NOT fighting a monster.

Our Home

As you walk through the giant golden, diamond encrusted doors into the guild hall, you see a magnificent disco ball hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. Below the twirling disco ball is a dance floor with multicolor flashing lights. Next to the dance floor is where the mic, karaoke stand, and huge speakers are for whenever someone feels like letting the world hear their singing. Near the karaoke stand is our top of the line, dancing machine, which offers more insults than compliments. On the far end of this massive building is the bar complete with our famous drink 'Psychoactive Zero', which somehow makes all of your dance moves better. To the right is our leader board of arena fighters, which shows how many wins and loses our guild members currently have in the arena, that we're very proud of. Further along this wall you will see a door that leads downstairs to the mini area, where you can battle with your friends! Going back upstairs, to your right you will see a giant board with the theme of the day. Whoever has the best gravatar wins. Also on that board is the top ten movies, tv shows, songs, whatevers liked by the guildies. On the opposite end of the room we have the elevators leading to the pool on the balcony with floaties, pool toys, and a great view. Heading back downstairs you look towards your left to see two more giant golden doors leading to a huge mall that includes a restaurant, a salon, an arcade, and a mini golf course. Were not responsible for any missing clubs, crazy hair styles, or lost gold at the arcade. We are responsible for compliments for the food though!

Short Story contest

Theme: Scary

Author: GodDragon of Darkness 

Ok well here’s my incredibly disturbing writing. (I’m kinda concerned for my own sanity haha Jk kinda) Have you ever wondered what it’s like to kill somebody? You want to know? Ok I’ll tell you, it’s amazing. I finally realized that I have the power to decide if people should live or die! If only those stupid people with their clean, white, coats didn’t come and take me away, I would have killed that witch! That demonic thing! I saw it, I saw its wings! These huge, red, demon, wings! She’s come to kill us all I know it! I tried to warn the men in the clean, white, coats but they didn’t listen, they said its all in my head. I know it’s not! I know what I saw! That’s why I had to kill them. Every last one of them. I’m trying to do them a favor and they scream and run from me! But they will thank me later oh they will bow on their hands and knees and apologize for taking me away, yes I can see it now. But first that Demon, that witch, that THING! Must go. I approached her house with such silence it gave me chills. I opened the door not even a creak! My heart raced with excitement. After this I’ll be a hero! I looked around and I spotted it. I raced forwards and tackled the thing to the ground. With such strength, it could not of been my own, I snapped it’s neck in two. I jumped to my feet as suddenly the thing became a little girl! The men in the clean, white coats had warned me I would start seeing the world differently. They said it would get rid of the monsters! How could they do that! It’s impossible, too impossible, they must be Demons themselves! I must kill them all! But before I could take another step loud, flashing, lights stopped in front of me. Men grabbed me and gave me back to the men in the clean, white coats….. Perfect.