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Skills of Godville
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

Seasickness is a combat skills that can be acquired at level 15 and is considered to be a super effective long ranged projectile attack that can be easily learned by almost any hero. The seasickness skill has been known to give a monster or the user the illusion of being in a boat and rocking back and forth repeatedly. All though Seasickness is a simple attack, it requires intense preparations on the hero's behalf. The preparations begin with the hero consuming large amounts of alcohol and/or beer which is stored in the hero’s stomach to be transformed into usable ammo until it is needed during battle.

The second step to the process is for the hero to look at a photograph of the ocean while moving the photograph in a natural wave motion causing the hero to become seasick and starting the ejection process.

The third step of the process is the hero clenching the stomach in one quick motion forcing the ammo up and out the mouth passage in the direction of the enemy. The ammo can be used in one large attack or several weaker attacks during battle. This skill is considered a long range attack due to the projectile being able to reach the enemy out of the enemy's hand weapon range.


Level 1-5

Temporarily blinds the enemy if the projectile hits the eye area. Otherwise the smell of the projectile temporarily disorients the enemy.

Level 6-10

Burns the skin and eyes of the enemy leaving a rash and fuzzy vision after temporarily blinding and disorienting the enemy.

Level 11-20

A ray that could melt the face off any enemy in sight. Not only can seasickness melt your enemies faces off it can make the enemy skin uncomfortable; After a while, It starts to smell like beer.

Level 21+

Complete and utter decimation of the enemy's moral and mental stability. The enemy will remove all contact with friends, family, and the outside world, lock him/herself into his/her mother's basement and remain there for several years slowly transforming into the Basement Dweller.