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*Bug spray
*Bug spray
*May be distracted by cattle
*May be distracted by cattle and lights

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Monsters of Godville
Musca Scientifica
Class Insect, Alien
Habitat Government Restricted Zones
Description Sci-Fi insect

Sci-Fly (Musca Scientifica) is a monster that is a human-sized, anthropomorphic fly. It is also as smart as a human and has access to advanced technology that no one in could ever dream of.

General Information

The origins of the Sci-Fly are unknown. But, after many specimens were collected and tested in labs, it had been confirmed that this monster is not of this world. In fact, it's from space. The special guns that they seem to carry with them were also collected and the technology used to develop such equipment is so advanced that it's completely impossible to understand. Their are not very many sightings of the Sci-Fly, but it can be safely assumed that it is not friendly, as they have a tendency to kidnap livestock (especially cows), hunt heroes and other monsters as food, and vaporize rocks by shooting "lightning" out of their guns. Whenever they are not doing any of these, they retreat into a highly restricted zone, where they presumably live.

If a hero is attacked by one, it is best to hide behind objects and quickly maneuver around the fly. Then, sneak up on it and attack from behind. If the Sci-Fly is attacked by directly running at it, it WILL win and the hero would have only given it a free lunch. If it is flying in the air, DO NOT engage, for it will win that fight too. However, just like other insects it is weak to bug-spray and can easily be killed by spraying it.



  • Deadly, high tech gear
  • Terrifying
  • Has four arms
  • Intelligent
  • Can fly


  • Bug spray
  • May be distracted by cattle and lights