Escape Goat

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Monsters of Godville
Escape Goat
Description Unknown

The Scape goat is one of the most pitiable and easy to hate monsters of godville. Resembling a rather beat up, angry goat, they tend to have a pessimistic outlook and general loathe for the world.

General Information

Most Scape Goats' have an unpleasant early life. For some reason, when there is a problem, young monsters always blame the scape goats. Things get even worse from there. By the time they grow big enough to survive on their own they have experienced so much hardship that any shreds of happiness have been stripped away to reveal a monster bent on killing anything in its way and making the rest of the world as miserable as it.

Almost all scape goats then set out on their own to make this dream a reality. Heroes, being so obsessed with saving lives and such, become big targets. The worst part about them is that they don't care if they die. A scape- goat throws everything it has into a battle. It will never flee. The scape goat plays to either win or die.