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'Save-Load' Is a very useful skill allowing a Hero To save their progress in Town. And then head out on the road. Now should the hero encounter a monster they can't bear to fight, all the way up to moments before death that Hero can chose to load up from their most recent save point, Thus preventing death, the down side of course is losing all the items they had gained up to that point, and in some cases may cause them to have to restart a quest. this skill of course is the ultimate immortality. Now if I can only remember to save before I go out drinking so that I may get to enjoy getting drunk again.

Levels 1 - 10

   Saving takes only moments but you'll be grateful you did it when it saves your life.  Can be used when hero's life is at half health or more. (On second thought maybe I won't be fighting this monster today.) "later"

Level 11 - 20

     The hero now can use this ability With almost no health at all. but you know you really didn't need those items anyway. (I'm about to die.. on second thought maybe not) "I'll Be Back.." 

Level 21 - 30

     Now that the Hero has Almost mastered Save-Load He's capable of saving at any milestone and on some occasions even finds a few coins or an Item or two that he can't explain, But I'm sure its worth something. Most Monsters now appear less threatening now with the hero's life in his own hands but this can cause the hero to be somewhat reckless and Overconfident...