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*Occasionally, his wife will drag him back home
*Occasionally, his wife will drag him back home
*Very, VERY fat.
*Very, VERY fat.

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Monsters of Godville
Santa Claws
Class Humanoid
Habitat The North Pole
Artifact Santa Claws bag
Description Mutant fat man

Once a human Saint sanctified for his good deeds, giving presents to the good boys and girls of the world, the Santa Claws has now has become a perverted shadow of his once former self, a horrible manic mutant with claws; he searches for the good in order to devour their purity and satisfy his insatiable hunger. He used to give presents to the good; now he merely feasts upon their flesh.


  • Can summon mutant elves who perform evil dental work upon his victims.
  • Ragged claws with which to slash his enemies and surely infect them with tetanus.
  • Has evil zombie reindeer slaves


  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Milk
  • Occasionally, his wife will drag him back home
  • Very, VERY fat.