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The mascot of the Sandwich Club, The Talking Sandwich

The Sandwich Club was formed by Dicaeopolis for people that enjoy sandwiches, especially those with frilly toothpicks.

The guild was intended to be named "Club Sandwich", but an unfortunate error by a now deceased sign maker resulted in a mistype.

If you like sandwiches, you should definitely join.

The foundation of sandwich club.

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a village called “Sandwich Town”. The town was known for making the best sandwiches in the whole world. People would come from all over the world to eat them. All enjoyed the delicious taste, all but the one man. He was born with a terrible disease. He could not taste. The only ingredient he could enjoy was the bread his grandfather baked from the golden wheat. And so one night he snuck out of town to go on a journey around the world with the mission to find the best ingredients in the world.

Many years past, and on his journey the man encountered people who traveled along with him. Together they visited the most dangerous and mysterious places on earth. They crept into the garden of the king to get some lettuce. On top of a hill they milked the holy cow to make the finest cheese. Together the group fought against the strongest boar to obtain meat for some crispy bacon. Deep in the ocean they found the biggest tuna. These are just a few ingredients. After a long and hard journey the man had finally found all things for his perfect sandwich. As he took the first bite tears started to flow down his cheek. Never in his live he thought that he would eat something so delicious. But it was not only the sandwich. It was the fun to eat together with the friends he made on the way. And so the man decided to found a guild that would bring the joy of eating sandwiches to all the people in the whole world. Lo' and behold! "The Sandwich Club,"

The forbidden sandwich


It was still early in the morning when the guild leader Pericles entered the sandwich club. All of the members were enjoying their breakfast sandwiches. He looked pretty nervous as he set down at the bar and ordered something to drink. “What is wrong Master?” asked the barkeeper. But he only replied with a short “Not now.” After he finished his drink he sighed, stood up and spoke to his comrades. “Listen to me my friends. I got an order directly from the king. He said he heard rumors about a forbidden sandwich. A sandwich so powerful that one bite alone would make you invincible. He ordered us to get this sandwich and serve it to him so his regency can last forever.” The whole guild was quiet. Never ever did they hear of something like a forbidden sandwich. And if it really existed, what are the ingredients to make it. After a minute of silence he continued. “I know that sounds like a fairy tale but believe me it is true. Only our founder and I were aware of its existence. I need a group how is brave enough to follow me on the quest to gather all the forbidden ingredients. Who is willing to join me? Furanx was the first one who stood up. He was a master with the gun and could shoot things even if they were miles away. The next one who stood forward was Tim. He was capable of using the power of magic. Even when his spells failed at 95% he was a strong companion. Also he was pretty good at making sandwiches. Then Raven raised her hand. She was a famous sandwich model who was often to see on covers of beauty magazines. She thought that this trip could boost her popularity. With a very shaky hand, Luci symbolized that he would also join the party. He could use the power of healing which would be really helpful on this journey. The last volunteer was Jacob. All he wanted was to eat sandwiches and the forbidden sandwich made him curios. Now the team was complete. Pericles raised his voice. “I am proud of you my sandwich club members. This will be the hardest task you have ever encountered. But the reward for your valor will be immense.” The whole guild let out a loud cheer. The six members of the sandwich club where overwhelmed with emotions. Excitement, curiosity, nervousness and a little anxiety because they had no idea how big and dangerous this quest would go to be.

Chapter 1: The Wheat

On the next day the group met in front of the sandwich club. All of them looked very tired because they could not sleep of excitement. Only Rave looked fresh. She could not risk looking bad and tired. You never know when a photographer walks by. Pericles walks in the middle and explained a few details about their journey. “Okay, now listen closely. The forbidden sandwich is made of six ingredients. The bread, cheese, ham, lettuce, tuna and a special one which I cannot tell you yet. As you may know these will not be ordinary ingredients. They will be very difficult to obtain but I am confident that we can obtain them. The first one is called the never-ending wheat. It grows on top of the ice mountain.” “How can wheat grow on an ice mountain?” asked Furanx. “Nobody knows how the ingredients for the forbidden sandwich can exist. So don’t question it. Just roll with it.” The group left town and took the road which would lead them to the ice mountain. “Are we there yet?” “No Jacob we are not. Like the other hundred times you asked! Do you see any huge mountain covered in ice?” “No I don’t.” “Then shut the hell up! Furanx can you see our goal?” “Not yet master.” The man was very athletic and jumped from tree to tree to look out for enemies and other obstacles. Tim was busy making sandwiches on the go but with his great magic skills he had no problem with it. Raven was carried by Luci. The girl didn’t want her shoes to get dirty and the shy guy was so happy that a girl asked for help. He would do everything for her. But suddenly he heard a noise from a bush. Luci dropped the girl and hid behind Tim. But the noise was only a cute little squirrel searching for nuts. “No problem guys. We are sa...” Before Luci could finish his sentence he was punched in the stomach by Raven. “When we are back in town you can buy me a new dress understood?!!” The frightened men only nod his head.

And so the journey continued. And at the end of the the day the group finally arrived at the ice mountain. “Good work so far. We will start with the climbing tomorrow. Everyone set up the camp. Jacob and Tim you two make something to eat. Furanx and Raven you set up the tents. Luci and I are going to search some fire wood. Let´s go.” Everyone did their jobs just like Pericles said. And half an hour later they all sat around the fire place. “How do we lite the fire?” “Good question Raven. Luckily I, the great wizard Tim, can easily set this wood on fire.” The man stood up and mumbled some magic words and suddenly one of the tents were on fire. “Raven started to deliver a punch again. “You moron! Do you know how hard it was to build them? You are going to sleep outside tonight.” “I am sorry. Give me one more try.” Before anyone could stop he he chanted the spell again. But this time it actually worked. “See. I could do it.” “But that does not change anything that you are sleeping under the stars.” After the extinguished the burning tent the group could finally sit down at the fire and eat some delicious sandwiches. “Sing us a song Luci.” Luci was very good at singing self made sandwich songs by changing the text of famous songs. “Another one bites the sandwich. Another one bites the sandwich. And another one bites and another one bites. Another one bites the sandwich. Hey i´m gonna eat you too. Another bites the sandwich.” Now Raven stood up. “I also know one. I´m a subway girl in subway world. Live is tasty don´t be hasty. You can take me there, eat with my everywhere. Imagination, taste my new creation. Come on baby, let´s go Subway! Ah ah ah yeah. Come on baby let´s go subway. Ooh woa, ooh woa.” After an hour of singing and eating they laid down in there tents. Only Pericles staid up a little longer because he had a feeling that someone was watching them.

Later at night. Everyone was sleeping deep now, when suddenly a small shadow creeped in their camp. It flitted from tent to tent an after it peeked inside every one of them. Deep in the wood there where two other dark figures waiting for him. “And what did you see?” “There are a total number of 6 people just as the master said. But are they really the ones we are looking for?” “The master confirmed that. And he is never wrong.” “How should we proceed now?” “We follow them but really careful. One of them is capable of locating things in his near area so we should stay away from them a little bit.”

With the first sun rays the members of the sandwich club waked up and dissembled their camp. “I hope you all had a good sleep because today we will climb the ice mountain. It is important that we stay together at all cost. Once you get lost the chances of surviving are very short. That’s why we all are going to hold hands. Furanx you go at the end so if we lose someone you can track them.” “I´ll make sure nobody gets lost.” And so the group started to climb the dangerous ice mountain. At first it was not really that hard. But as they got higher the ground slowly began to freeze over and the wind became stronger and colder. Snow started to fall and all of a sudden they were inside a massive snow storm. “Stay together we have to make it through the storm.” “Easier said than done. We can´t see anything master.” “I could warm us all up with a heat spell.” “I dare you Tim. We have enough problems already. That stupid wind is ruining my hair.” “Nobody cares about your hair Raven!” “Guys I am hungry. Can we make a quick stop?” “No Jacob we cannot.” “Everyone be quiet for a moment.” “What´s the matter Luci?” “I heard a cracking sound.” “You are just imagining things like always. Don´t be such a coward.” “No I am sure I heard something.” At this moment the ground under their feet collapsed and they fell into a deep dark hole.

Pericles opened his eyes. His head was hurting pretty bad. Everything around him was dark. After he finally managed to get up he started searching for the other members. “Is anyone here?” He got an answer immediately. “Yes we are all here master. Luci, Raven and Tim are still unconscious though.” “Okay. Is anyone of you hurt?” “No, Jacob and I unharmed. We had very big luck.” Pericles opened his bag and pulled out a flashlight. He turned it on and could examine the surrounding. They were inside a big room covered completely in ice. Also there seemed no way to get back outside. There was only one way which looked like it would take them even deeper into the mountain. “What should we do now master?” “To say the truth. I didn’t even know that there is a cave inside the mountain. But all we can do is to take the path over there and hopefully we can get out of here. And until our friends wake up we have to carry them.” “I carry Raven.” “Not so fast Jacob. You only get bad thoughts when you touch here. I will carry her.” “No I will Furanx.” “Stop it you two. I will carry Raven. Jacob you are going to take Luci and Furanx you carry Tim.” “Okay master.” They both seemed pretty disappointed. The group walked down the path Pericles spotted before. But it was leading them down instead of up. The deeper they got the colder it got. If this would go on they will soon froze to death. After about two hours later they suddenly saw a light. The path opened up and they stood in another even bigger area which was flooded with sunlight. And in the middle there was a field of wheat which sparkled golden. “Is this the special wheat Master? It looks so beautiful.” “Yes I supposed it is. I never know it grows inside the mountain.” Luci, Raven and Tim finally woke up. Luckily they seemed unhurt. “Where are we?” “We fell down in a cove inside the ice mountain but we managed to find the wheat to make the bread for the forbidden sandwich.” “Awesome, let’s go get it.” But just as they made a step towards the wheat the ground starts to shake. “Are we going to fall again?” “No. Something is heading our way.” They all stood together and waited for the creature that was making that noise. The shaking got stronger and with a loud roar a dragon covered in ice entered the place and attacked the group.“Everyone, quick hide!” “You don´t have to say that twice master.” The group separated and all of them took cover. The dragon landed in front of the wheat field. It doesn´t want to attack them, it just wanted to protect the ingredient. The two mysterious shadows from the night bevor were watching the whole scene. “Should we do something? I doubt that they can bring down the dragon.” “No we wait. Maybe the Sandwich Club is going to surprise us.” Everyone was thinking of something to get past the dragon, but since they could not talk to each other the situation was pretty bad. Pericles than suddenly stood up and walked towards the dragon. The beast opened his wings and let out an ear piercing scream. But that didn´t stop the man from going forward. “What are you doing master? That thing will kill you.” Furanx wanted to help him but the master wouldn´t allow it. “Stay where you are. All of you. It´s our mission the get the ingredients for the king. And if I, as your leader, can´t even protect you then I could not look in the mirror anymore. Wait for an opening and then get the wheat.” The man suddenly pulled a sword out of thin air and started running towards the dragon. The big creature gathered his power and shoots an ice breath at Pericles. But he could dodge it easily. Now he started his attack. Pericles jumped on the dragons’ wing and sliced it in two. “Now get the wheat!” Luci, Jacob and Raven ran to the wheat field. Furanx and Tim stayed at their place to help their master from the distance. The magician started to cast a powerful fire spell. He concentrated very much so nothing could go wrong. Meanwhile Furanx took out his sniper gun and aimed at the other wing of the dragon. With another loud scream the monster threw of Pericles and rushed forward to the two distance fighter. It shoots another ice beam but Tim could erase it with his fire magic. “We have the wheat! Let’s get out of here.” “Luci, Jacob, take Pericles with you. I think he is wounded. Tim and I will follow you.” “Okay, we will.” The two men took their master and rushed to the hole from where the dragon came in. Raven was right behind them. “And what are we doing now Furanx?” “I didn´t think that far.” “Great and now?” “I know. Lure the dragon over to the wheat field. I will do the rest.” “Are you insane? That thing will kill me like a fly.” “Trust me.” The men sigh. He gathered all his courage and rushed towards the field. The fastest way to get there was through the dragon’s feet. But it was also the most dangerous route. The big creature raised his claw and tried to slice the man with it. Tim was hit at his right hand but continued his run. The dragon chased after him until they both stood inside the field. Now was Furanx chance. He shoots the giant icicle on the ceiling. After two perfect shoots it fell down and pierced throw the dragons body. After a long cry the monster fell to the ground. The gunner quickly checked after Tim´s arm. It was bleeding pretty bad and has to be bandaged right away. Luckily Raven came to help her comrade. She was educated as a nurse and had everything in her bag pack to help Tim. “You guys are so stupid. Do you know how dangerous that was?” “But we did it. We got our first ingredient.” “Yeah. Five more to go.”

Chapter 2: The Cheese

After a long walk down the ice mountain the group could finally make a break. Tim and Pericles were still in pain from the fight but they know that they have to keep going. “We should probably set our camp up here. As your lovely nurse I forbid you two to move until tomorrow morning.” “Wow Raven, I never thought you care so much about people.” “It´s always good publicity when you take care about people. Quick, Luci make some pics where I change the bandage from Tim.” All of the men let out a sigh. “We should have known.” Later at night they all set around the camp fire and discussed their next destination. The guild master spoke to his comrades. “Our next target is the cheese for the forbidden sandwich. It is located in the middle of the melted cheese area. The temperature there is extremely high because there is an active volcano underneath it. We have to be careful with every step you take or it will be the last one.” “But how can we obtain the cheese if it is so hot?” “We have to figure it out when we are there. The first problem will be to find the real cheese because there will be many different kinds of. Jacob, you are the best sandwich maker in the guild. We will need your experience to find it.” “You can count on me master.” “That’s good. Now we should go to sleep. The melted cheese area is not far from here. We should reach it tomorrow.” And with everything said the members of the sandwich club went to their tents.

Early on the next morning the group headed towards the melted cheese area. Just like Pericles said, it was not far but there was a different problem. The heat was unbearable. With every step they made it got hotter and hotter. And the group hasn’t even seen the first cheese location yet. “Oh my god I am so sweaty and sticky.” “All the boys turned around when Raven said that. “What? I´m not going to undress me so stop looking at me you perverts!” “Maybe no is a good time for pictures Raven?” And again Luci got a punch from the woman. He started to get used to it. “Furanx can you see something?” “No not yet. But I have a weird feeling. Something dangerous is ahead but I can also sense strong power from behind. It is like somebody is following is.” The group stopped and turned around but they couldn’t see anything suspicious. “Are you sure? Maybe the heat disturbs your field tracking.” “I am not sure master? I think I can sense something, but it is hard to concentrate.” “Well as long as we don´t get attacked we should move on. After another 20 minutes they finally could smell the melted cheese. And right as they walked past a huge boulder they stood in front of a lake of Camembert. Jacob started to drool. “This must be heaven. I have never seen so much cheese in my live.” He was getting closer to the lake but was imminently hold back by his master. “I know it looks great to you but it would burn you in a few seconds. And this is not even the chees we are looking for. We have to cross this lake to get there.” “And how in the world are we going to do that.” “We need your magic Tim. You have to use ice magic to make a path for us on which we can walk.” “Master, are you really telling us that we have to rely on Tim? His spells are failing 50% at the time. What if we are in the middle of the lake and his ice melts? We would all die.” “There is no other choice. We can´t get around the see it would take too long. And I believe in Tim.” The magician was not really sure if he could make it. But than Furanx walked up to him and looked in his eyes. “Tim, we defeated a dragon together. I believe you can do that.” With a big piece of courage the men positioned him in front of the Camembert Lake. He folds his hand and started to speak the magic formula and seconds later a big part of the lake were frozen solid. Tim fell down on his knees. “Are you okay?” “Yeah thanks. I just never used so much magic before.” Luci helped him to stand back up. “Now hurry before the ice melts again.” The group had to be fast to make it across the lake. Tim´s ice magic would only last as long as he was consciousness. Jacob was carrying the men on his back and Luci was supporting him. As they made it half across the cheese lake the ice slowly started to melt. “Pull yourself together Tim. You have to stay awake. We are all counting on your powers so stay with as.” The hope in his friends’ eyes gave Tim enough power to stay awake. He knew that only his power could decide if they live or die. “I see the other side. We almost did it.” And right after they all set foot on land Tim passed out and the ice bridge vanished. “Wow that was insane. One second later and we would be dead.” “Don´t say that Raven. He did his best and we made it across. But now he needs some rest.” “Good idea. We should all take a little break.” After half an hour Tim was still unconsciousness but Pericles said that it´s normal for a magician to rest long if they use all their magic. But something was missing Raven was gone. The women were nowhere to be found. “Did you lose something Sandwich Club?” All members turned in the direction where the voice was coming from. On top of a little hill there was a man who held Raven in his arms. He was a very tall and strong looking person. “Who are you and why did you kidnaped our friend?!” “There is no reason to give you worthless scum my name. You will all die very soon anyway. And now give me the golden wheat or I will break her are. You have one minute.” Raven was crying so much she couldn´t see anything. “Please, help me.” That was the only thing she could say before the man sealed her mouth with a piece of tape. “That bastard!” Furanx was going to aim his gun at him but Pericles was stopping him. “Why master?” “Let me handle this.” The master drew his sword and rushed towards the men. He just started to smile and pushed Raven away. “Now let’s see what the master can do.” Pericles laid all his force in the sword strike but the kidnapper easily dodged it. “Is that really all you can do?” With a single punch in the master’s stomach he sends Pericles flying. He landed right at the feet of his companions and passed out. “The minute has passed. And since I see no golden wheat in my hands it looks like I will have to take it by force.” The man rushed towards the group. He was not only incredible strong but also fast. Furanx tried to shoot him but he dodged the bullets if it was nothing. The kidnapper clenched his fist and attacked Luci. The scared man closed his eyes and all he heard was a delivered punch. But he felt now pain. After a few seconds he slowly opened his eyes again. He saw a man wearing a black coat in front of him. “That was close. One second later and you wouldn´t stand anymore. Listen to me! This man is no match for you. His name is Dexter and he is the number one criminal in this country. He wants the forbidden sandwich so he can bring chaos to us all. Run quickly and finish your mission.” “How do you know about our mission? And who are you anyway?” “There is no time for that now. Get out of here!” The member of the Sandwich Club had no idea what was going on but for now they did what the man in the black coat said. “Oh no, you are not going anywhere!!” Dexter tried to stop them but a second man also dressed black held him back. “Here is the fight Dexter. “You two really think you stand a chance? How pathetic. I will crush your bones until no one is left.” The group successfully made it out of sight of the fighting trio but they had no time to catch a breath. Pericles and Tim were both waking up again but they were still a little dizzy. “What happened? Where did the man go?” Raven quickly looked after the master to see how his condition was. “Thank god nothing is broken but you should not make any hasty moves master. You need rest.” “But we can´t afford rest. Didn´t you hear what the man in the black coat said. We have to get away quickly.” “But Pericles is too weak to move and Tim is also weakened Furanx.” “Stop fighting already. That won´t solve anything. And besides I found something.” Jacob pointed to a cheese geyser that was just started erupting. “It’s the cheese for the forbidden sandwich.”

Later at night they all set around the campfire again. Jacob was serving some sandwiches with the special cheese inside because Pericles told him that would be good for everyone’s health. And it helped indeed. “It´s incredible how a single ingredient can do such amazing things.” “That´s why the king who gave us the mission want it so bad. Even a single piece of the forbidden sandwich can cure wounds and illnesses.” “But when this sandwich is so helpful why is it not used to help more people?” Pericles look suddenly changed. His smile from a second ago was gone.” “The sandwich can also be used in bad ways. It can poison a human’s body, contaminate rivers or pollute the fresh air. That’s why it´s existence is a secret to the people. Only three people know where the six ingredients can be found.” “Who are the other two?” “One of them is the man we saw before.” “You mean Dexter?” “Yes. I didn´t recognize him at first but he is strictly against our mission to collect them all. I suppose he will follow us to gather the other four.” “Maybe those men in the black coats could stop him.” “You don´t know him my friends.” “Anyway, let’s go to sleep now. Tomorrow we will go into the silent jungle to get the lettuce for the forbidden sandwich.”

Chapter 3: The Lettuce

“I am definitely not going in there.” “Don´t be so afraid Luci. It is just a jungle.” “It is not just a jungle. I read about the silent jungle before. People are never coming out as soon as they enter it. And the very lucky ones who did make it back to the outside alive are traumatized for their whole live.” Raven couldn’t stand it anymore. She grabbed Luci´s hand and dragged him into the jungle. The rest followed them. After a few minutes she stopped and let him go. “See? There is nothing scary here.” “Oh really? Maybe you should listen.” The woman listens precisely at her surroundings. But there was nothing to hear. But the silence made the whole group so uncomfortable. There was now wind rushing through the trees, no birds singing, not the slightest sound whatsoever. “Okay I have to admit; maybe it is a little creepy.” “We should not stay here. Even if we can´t hear anything I have the feeling we are being watched.” “We should hear what Furanx is saying. Let´s move on.” As they go deeper into the jungle the unease was getting bigger and bigger. Not even their own steps made a noise. It was as if the jungle was absorbing every sound. “Is it just me or does it got darker?” “You are right Jacob. But from the time it should be midday. How can it get dark?” “I don´t know either. But we are still far away from the lettuce. We should keep going as long as we can see something.” It didn´t take long for the sunlight to vanish. Pericles opened his backpack and took tree flashlights out. “No matter what happens we have to stick together as good as we can. If one of us gets lost it will be almost impossible to find him again. So be very careful. Tim, Furanx and I will light the way. Luci you stick to me. Raven you stay with Furanx and Jacob will from a team with Tim. If we get separated every team should at least have one flashlight.” Just as Pericles stopped talking they all heard the sound of footsteps coming closer. “Why is there suddenly a noise?” “I don´t know. But whatever it is, it is definitely nothing good.” The bushes began shaking and suddenly something was rushing by them and sliced Furanx with a short knife. Again and again the man was getting attacked but they could not see any attacker. “What in the world is going on here?” After Furanx fell to the ground Raven started to getting attacked. The women screamed in pain. “Everyone turn off the lights and lay on the ground!” They did what Pericles told them and soon the attacks stopped. “Nice idea Pericles. How did you find out it was me?” “You finally recognize me Dexter?” “You sure changed since I last saw you.” “You still have that potion with you that make you invisible?” “Of course. It is the easiest way to get rid of people. They can´t fight what they can´t see. So tell me. Why are you breaking our oath to never create the forbidden sandwich again?” “That does not concern you.” “Of course it does. We promised our master to not gather a single ingredient because it is too dangerous.” “You left the guild Dexter so stay out of my business.” Pericles quickly turned on the flashlight and dazzled the man for a split second. He had located the men by his voice, grabbed him and pushed him to the ground. “Run to the big tree south from here. I will try to stop Dexter as long as I can.” “But we can´t let you back master.” “Do as I say! Our goal is to get the next ingredient.” Luci and Tim carried the wounded Furanx. Tim supported Raven and the five fled into the woods. Dexter was getting visible again and grinned at Pericles. “Why are you looking so happy?” “I am curios to find out the reason for your behavior.” “Only over my dead body.” “Sounds good. Just like the old times.” The members of the sandwich club stopped when they heard to sound of a violently fight. “Was it really a good idea to leave our master behind?” “He gave us the order to do so. And I don´t think we could do anything against a man as strong as Dexter?” “What happen to the two men in the black coats?” “Nothing good I suppose.” “Guys I have something on my heart.” “What is it Raven? “If the forbidden sandwich is really so dangerous like Dexter says, why are we trying to get it? Our master said it was for the king but he never told us what the king will do with it. What happens when the king starts to using it for something bad?” All members were going silent for a minute. Than Tim took the word. “We have to trust in our master. He wouldn´t risk his life right now if it wasn’t for something important. He believes in us so we have to carry on.” They agreed with him for now. There was no time to question their master´s true intentions. The group moved on to the tree where the lettuce should be located.

It was early in the morning but still dark. The 5 members of the sandwich club were in the middle of taking down their camp when they heard a sound from above. In a split second a thread shoot down, gripped Jacob´s arm and abducted him into the trees. Only a moment later the same happened with Tim. Luci, Furanx and Raven could react fast enough to dodge the attack. “What in all worlds was that?” “I don´t know but it was incredibly fast.” Luci sat on the ground. His whole body was trembling. “I know what that was.” The two looked down to the frightened men. “I read it in a book before. The attackers were probably man eating spiders. They are the same size as us and once they have captured there pray the spiders will never let it go. Jacob and Tim are going to get eaten in the next hour.” “Then we have to save them.” “There is no hope. These spiders are quick and strong. We have no chance.” “Don´t say that Luci. Jacob and Tim are not only our comrades, they are our friends.” “But how do we even get up there?” “We don´t have to get up. We get them down.” The man pulled his sniper gun out of his bag and used his field tracking skill to locate the spiders. But then he stopped. “What is wrong?” “Look up there.” A huge fire was spreading in the treetops. At the same moment Tim and Jacob came falling down. They landed in a bush and only get hurt a little bit. “What have you done up there?” “I wanted to make a small fire so I could free us but somehow I casted an inferno.” Burned spiders were falling from the tree one after the other. The fire was spreading so fast that it was already down on the ground. “Run!” The group left their camp behind and rushed towards their destination. More and more trees were covered in flames and because it was still pretty dark it was hard to find the right path. And to make things even worse, the spiders that were not burned were chasing them. “Can this situation get any worse?” As soon as Raven said that a wall appeared in front of them. They had nowhere to flee. And the forest fires and spiders were coming closer and closer. Suddenly something felt down from the sky. A man wearing a black coat landed in front of the group. He stretched his arm out towards the fire and said one single word. “Freeze!” It was gone. The fire has completely vanished or better said it was frozen solid. The members of the sandwich club were shocked. Especially Tim because he knew that the man used the same power he had. But his magic was on a completely different level. “How pathetic. To think that our master sets so much hope in you. It makes me sick.” “He turned around and inspected them. “It is a miracle that you managed to come so far but with the power you have right now it will be impossible to get the next ingredient.” “Thanks for saving us but who are you?” The man sighs. You don´t have any idea why you are attempting this mission am I right?” “We gather the ingredients for the forbidden sandwich to give it to the king.” The man started laughing. “That’s the dumbest answer I could get. Are you trying to fool me or did Pericles didn’t tell you the real reason? Either way I can´t let you continue like this.” The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a glass with small, blue, shining pills in it. “Whenever you need a little more power just take one of those. It will raise your mentally and physical power for about 30 minutes. They are so called magic energy drugs. But don´t worry, they will not harm you. Good luck.” Before one of them could say anything the man already vanished and the glass with pills stood on the ground. “Should we trust this man?” “These guys in black are suspicious but they saved us twice now. I think we should appreciate his help.” Furanx took the glass and put it in his pocket. “I will take them. Whenever we are in danger I will give one to you. But we have to be careful. I don´t know how these magic energy drugs will work. We still have to watch out for danger. Let’s move on to the lettuce. If we wait too long we could get attacked again.”

A few hours later the group finally found a way around the wall blocking their way. The mood was dull. On the one hand the members of the sandwich club realized that they only had luck finding the first ingredients. If there are even more dangerous situations waiting for them their mission would fail. And on the other hand all of them were worried about the master. No one of them wants to believe that he was defeated but since he was not returning the bad feeling grew bigger and bigger. Furanx suddenly stopped. “What is wrong? Did you sense something?” “Someone is coming towards us but I don’t think it is the master or Dexter. And whatever is moving in the bushes has a powerful bad aura. A woman dressed in black with burning red hair stepped out of the wood and walked up to them. She pulled out a bow and a silver arrow and aimed it at Tim. “If you don´t want your friend dead give me the ingredients.” “Who are you? Do you work with Dexter?” “That does not concern you.” She stretched the bow and started to smile. “You have five seconds.” “Okay, just take down the bow.” “Forget it. Hey women! Put them in my bag.” Raven slowly took the ingredients from Jacobs backpack and gave them to the red haired attacker. “Good now every one of you turn around and don´t dare to make anything funny.” With a fast move Furnax took one of the magical pills out of his coat while he turned around and tossed it into Luci´s mouth. The man felt a shock of power rushing through his body. “I said you should not do anything funny. Now you have to face the consequences.” The arrow soared from the string and flew towards Tim. In the last second Luci caught it midair and threw it back. The women could dodge it in the last second. “How can you do that? A human could never pull that off. What is your trick?” “In the next second Luci stood behind her and pushed the women on the ground. “That does not concern you.” They tied her up and leaned her against a tree. “So, like I asked you before. Do you work with Dexter?” “Well I guess I can tell you. Not that it would change anything. I am working with him.” “Where is he now? And what happened to our master?” “I don´t know what happened to Pericles. Maybe you should ask the men behind you.” They looked behind them and with a big smile on his face there stood Dexter. “Nice to see you Wikka.” “Shut up and help me out of here.” “Let´s see. What do we have here? You guys got some magic pills. Do you even know how powerful they are? You could buy a house with one of them but that´s not important.” “What did you do with Pericles?!” With a fast and strong punch he attacked Tim and knocked him out. “I don´t remember that I allowed you to talk. You all made me really angry you know. Not only because you are searching for the ingredients but also because of these pills. Do you know what the most important thing is bevor a fight?” “To know your enemy?” “100 points for Furanx. Knowledge is everything. I studied your strength and abilities for years if the day would come that you try to make the forbidden sandwich. And now it is all useless because of these pills. I can imagine how they would influence your current state but I am not sure. All but one. I don´t have the slightest idea what would happen to Jacob. You are not a fighter, only a sandwich maker but have to make sure if you are dangerous after taking one of the pills.” “Why should I do what you say? You are our enemy.” Dexter walked towards Jacob. “If you don´t do as I say I am going to kill you instantly. The problem is that I am not the person who wants to kill. So you are going to take the pill now and we are going to have a fight. One against one.” Jacob looked over to Furanx who was holding the glass of magic pills. He took one out and gave it to his friend. “We should probably do as he says. We don´t stand a chance against him anyway and maybe you can defeat him with this.” Hesitantly Jacob took the pill and swallowed it. “Good boy. And now let’s have a little showdown. And if one of you others try to interfere I will fight serious.” Dexter charged at Jacob and tried to land a punch but he could easily dodge. Even his second and third attacks were no problem. Now Dexter put up the speed. Jacob couldn’t even see him for a second and he landed a hard hit in the sandwich maker’s stomach. But nothing happen. He did not feel any pain nor did he move an inch. Dexter was surprised as well as Jacob. None of them could explain that. “Fight back Jacob!” His friends were right. This was a fight after all. The men clenched his fist and aimed directly at his enemy’s head. Dexter tried to dodge the attack but something prevented him from doing it. He landed a clean hit and Dexter was sent flying. He crashed against a tree and fell to the ground. The members of the sandwich club thought the he was defeated but Dexter was quickly back on his legs. His face was now filled with pure anger. “You will pay for this you scum!” The men vanished into thin air and appeared behind Jacob. With a strong punch in the back the sandwich maker fell down on the ground. But he was not defeated so quickly. With a fast kick in Dexter´s stomach he sent him flying again high in the air. While he was chilling with the birds Jacob was gathering all his power in his right arm to deliver the finishing blow. His fist started to glow in a light blue. “It is time to finish it Dexter.” “That’s what I was going to say. Don´t think you have the slightest chance. That was just a warming up.” Dexter rushed down also with his fist clenched. Only a few seconds and the fight would be decided. The fists of the two fighters collided and an incredible shockwave knocked all members of the sandwich club over. No one could see who won because there was too much dust in the air. After about thirty seconds the sight was clear and Jacob was lying on the ground unconscious. Dexter was also badly wounded. It looked like his arm was broken and he had blood all over his body. “No it can’t be. Did you kill Jacob?” The men needed a few seconds before he could answer. “I don´t think he is dead but he surely got some bad injuries. He will die if nobody takes care of him.” Raven ran towards Jacob and started to treat him. Dexter on the other hand walked towards Wikka and frees her. “We should fight him now.” “Luci is right. Now that Dexter is wounded it´s the best time to finish him off.” But Wikka quickly stood between her comrade and the sandwich club. “Don´t you dare lay a finger on him. We will get you next time.” The women shouldered Dexter and vanished into the woods. All of the sandwich club members ran to Jacob and looked for his condition. “How is he doing Raven?” “Not so good. He has many broken bones as well as internal bleeding. He is breathing not much and his pulse is extremely low. I can´t help him in such a state. He needs to go a hospital quickly.” The woman had tears in her eyes because she couldn’t help Jacob. “We are in the middle of a giant forest. There is no way that a hospital is anywhere near.” Raven shouted at Furanx. “I know that! But he will die and I can´t do anything.” Nobody had an idea what they could do to help them. Suddenly they heard footsteps coming closer and a second later their master was standing in front of them also baldy injured. “I am glad to see you all again. He landed on his knees and coughed out some blood. “You have to be quick. Use the cheese for the forbidden sandwich. With these words Pericles also loosed his conscious and fell to the ground.Several hours later Jacob and Pericles opened their eyes again. The other members of the sandwich club did as the master said and made a sandwich with the forbidden cheese. “What happened?” “Don´t move Jacob. You were defeated by Dexter but you were able to hurt him and he withdrew.” “That´s good. I am glad I was good for something.” With a smile on his face Jacob fell back to sleep. No Pericles sits up and leans against a tree. “Thank you for rescuing me.” “Master you should rest. Dexter is nowhere near so we don´t have to hurry.” “No, we can´t lose any time. If we don´t continue our mission it will be too late.” “Master I think you should tell us the truth. We were told that this mission has nothing to do with the king. So why are we really risking our lives to get the ingredients?” Pericles sighs. “You are right. You deserve to know the truth behind all this. There is a man called Jaimie. He is the younger brother of the current king and want´s to defeat his brother and conquer the throne. But he could not gather enough military troops to accomplish his dream. One day he heard about the forbidden sandwich and that I can grant people immortality. So he approached me and ordered me to gather the ingredients for him. Of course I refused but he blackmails me. If I would not do as he said he would murder every member of the sandwich club. He is also the leader of the men in the black coats who keep following us. They inform Jaimie if we stick to the plan and protect us if we need them.” “So you all did that for us master?” “That´s right. I were afraid of telling you because I didn´t know how you would react.” “But we can´t just help this men to kill his own brother and sit on the throne.” “There is nothing we could do. If we don´t do as he says all our friends will be killed.” Nobody knew what to say. They were all shocked know that they knew the truth behind their mission. But they all knew that if they turned back now they would have no future. “I think there is no choice but to move on.” “Furanx is right. We don´t have any other choices. Let´s go to the lettuce for the forbidden sandwich.” After Jacob woke up again the group continued to walk towards the giant tree. No the last obstacle was to climb on top and obtain the lettuce.