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The Sandwich Club was formed by Dicaeopolis for people that enjoy sandwiches, especially those with frilly toothpicks.

The guild was intended to be named "Club Sandwich", but an unfortunate error by a now deceased sign maker resulted in a mistype.

If you like sandwiches, you should definitely join.

The foundation of sandwich club.

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a village called “Sandwich Town”. The town was known for making the best sandwiches in the whole world. People would come from all over the world to eat them. All enjoyed the delicious taste, all but the one man. He was born with a terrible disease. He could not taste. The only ingredient he could enjoy was the bread his grandfather baked from the golden wheat. And so one night he snuck out of town to go on a journey around the world with the mission to find the best ingredients in the world.

Many years past, and on his journey the man encountered people who traveled along with him. Together they visited the most dangerous and mysterious places on earth. They crept into the garden of the king to get some lettuce. On top of a hill they milked the holy cow to make the finest cheese. Together the group fought against the strongest boar to obtain meat for some crispy bacon. Deep in the ocean they found the biggest tuna. These are just a few ingredients. After a long and hard journey the man had finally found all things for his perfect sandwich. As he took the first bite tears started to flow down his cheek. Never in his live he thought that he would eat something so delicious. But it was not only the sandwich. It was the fun to eat together with the friends he made on the way. And so the man decided to found a guild that would bring the joy of eating sandwiches to all the people in the whole world. Lo' and behold! "The Sandwich Club,"

The forbidden sandwich

It was still early in the morning when the guild leader Pericles entered the sandwich club. All of the members were enjoying their breakfast sandwiches. He looked pretty nervous as he set down at the bar and ordered something to drink. “What is wrong Master?” asked the barkeeper. But he only replied with a short “Not now.” After he finished his drink he sighed, stood up and spoke to his comrades. “Listen to me my friends. I got an order directly from the king. He said he heard rumors about a forbidden sandwich. A sandwich so powerful that one bite alone would make you invincible. He ordered us to get this sandwich and serve it to him so his regency can last forever.” The whole guild was quiet. Never ever did they hear of something like a forbidden sandwich. And if it really existed, what are the ingredients to make it. After a minute of silence he continued. “I know that sounds like a fairy tale but believe me it is true. Only our founder and I were aware of its existence. I need a group how is brave enough to follow me on the quest to gather all the forbidden ingredients. Who is willing to join me? Furnax was the first one who stood up. He was a master with the gun and could shoot things even if they were miles away. The next one who stood forward was Tim. He was capable of using the power of magic. Even when his spells failed at 95% he was a strong companion. Also he was pretty good at making sandwiches. Then Raven raised her hand. She was a famous sandwich model who was often to see on covers of beauty magazines. She thought that this trip could boost her popularity. With a very shaky hand, Luci symbolized that he would also join the party. He could use the power of healing which would be really helpful on this journey. The last volunteer was Jacob. All he wanted was to eat sandwiches and the forbidden sandwich made him curios. Now the team was complete. Pericles raised his voice. “I am proud of you my sandwich club members. This will be the hardest task you have ever encountered. But the reward for your valor will be immense.” The whole guild let out a loud cheer. The six members of the sandwich club where overwhelmed with emotions. Excitement, curiosity, nervousness and a little anxiety because they had no idea how big and dangerous this quest would go to be.