Sands of time

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Artifacts of Godville
Sands of time
The Sands of time reacting as a complete set
Type 🧷Normal
Description Until gathered, nothing distinguishes the Sands of time from regular ol' sand.

The Sands of time may appear as ordinary sand but the unconfirmed truth is much more exciting! No one knows for sure just how many grains there are but they are highly sought after by collectors and world-ending villains alike. Read on for a more inclusive and detailed review of the collected doctrines.

The Legend

Confirmed Instances of Acquisition

While they can be collected from the bottom of anybody's shoes, that's the easy ways out and you won't collect them all this way... at least it would take a really, really, really really long time. Here is a small list to get the amateur collector started!

  • The most common way is to scrape them out from between a monsters toes
  • These small grains have a habit of getting jammed in activatable artifacts. When this happens, activating said artifact may release the Sands of time within, along with the rest of the activatable's contents.