San Satanos

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San Satanos
Home milestone 170
Map code ??
Known for Unknown
Motto Akh sartos oen dûrgrimst!


San Satanos, also known as San Santanos by its residents, is one of the more mysterious cities of Godville with a small population of 1800 mostly consisting of dwarves. It lies in the middle of the Great Lava Desert of Trogh around the Eastern Magmatic Plumules.

Game Notes


In the Godville Times:

  • Day 1728 g.e. "San Satanos offers cozy ditches, five-star roadsides and the best latrine pits in the area. We're open round-the-clock, seven days a week."
  • Day 237 g.e. "Heroes, beware! Hordes of the bloodsucking mosquitoes attacked San Satanos. We advise you to refrain from visiting the city."
  • Day 227 g.e. "San Satanos declared itself the capital of the inter-milestone area, causing a severe confusion among the surrounding villages."


The dwarves were one of the first sentient races to evolve and San Satanos was apparently their first city and so it is designated a holy pilgrimage site for dwarves across the realms. Inside the north western ruins there has been found much evidence to suggest that the city was originally built and inhabited by elves but this has been greatly covered up and most people now believe it to be a silly conspiracy theory. Folk-tales speak of a great war but they are thought to be just children's stories. However, there is still evidence of it today.


During the summer months the volcanic ash clouds fill the sky and visibility in San Satanos is greatly reduced causing most of the inhabitants to stay indoors and so it is only during the winter months when the sky turns a dark navy blue as the volcanoes become dormant, that the inhabitants stray outside to go about their daily business. A giant split in the surface of the earth runs across the town and occasionally bubbles up a flash flood of lava. The residents have since set up an early warning system to save the majority of the population when the next of these events happens again. This great rift is punctuated at one end by a great mountain range which hides amongst it many volcanoes, most of which are continually erupting and pour down great rivers of molten rock which don't usually bother anyone. The volcanic activity around this region is caused by the meeting of two tectonic plates with the North San plate sliding under the Central Los Plate.

A Lava furnace in a metallurgy workshop

Distinctive Features

The dwarves hollow out great mushroom-shaped stacks of igneous rock and make them their homes, lighting the interiors with a cold blue glow radiated by a rare crystal found deep underground, mined in Los Demonos. The numerous little windows are constructed from a fine but resilient mix of obsidian and sand forged in the lava rivers around the town and from the outside look spectacular as they all emit the interior light. Many postcards featuring the breath-taking skyline of San Satanos have been produced and the town itself has gained almost mythical status due to the equipment created there. The dwarves use a secret technique involving volcanic incubators of steel to produce the highest quality weaponry which attracts many heroes but alas, many have died trying to reach this otherwise inhospitable place for it lies in the middle of the largest lava desert in Godville.

Dwarves living here like to tame and keep the Prawn of Satan as a domestic animal. They also breed them, and organize races and fights which are really popular events frequented by tourists and passing-through heroes.

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