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[[Category:Artifacts]] [[Category:Activatable Artifacts]]
[[Category:Artifacts]] [[Category:Activatable Artifacts]]
combine with Slice of jurassic pork to make Skeleton key
combine with Skeleton keycard to make (      )

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Sacrificial Lamp

Mysterious billows of blue smoke appear as you rub the sacrificial lamp.


Adds +1 to accumulator charge(s).

Upon activation, the sacrificial lamp rapidly converts Godpower, through a complex multi-step chemical reaction using the lamp's special alloy as a catalyst, into a noxious blue vapour that condenses into a blue brick in the anti-religious environment of Godville - much like how a protein folds into its unique shape within a cell.

The blue brick contains a large amount of potential divine energy that may be stored for long periods of time before it spontaneously disintegrates into god particles as time approaches infinity.

Gods are recommended not to use them past the age of infinity as the effects of God particles are relatively under-researched due in part to the Godville scientific community being notoriously sedated for most of their day.


These lamps can be used when Godpower is at least 50%. It is advisable that they are used when there are more than three accumulator charges in reserve. Don't be a hero and use one before that. The lamp can only be used once for a maximum of one brick containing 50% Godpower as the Godpower poisons the metal alloy catalyst during the conversion.

The hero activating the lamp should rub the surface of the metal vigorously as the vibration helps to agitate the Godpower within the lamp and encourage the reaction to completion. The heat generated is also useful to speed up the reaction. However, since this is a endotheic reaction rather than an endothermic one, the heat supplied does not speed up the reaction in the traditional sense. Rather, the "warmth" of a hero is used to help bind the religious vapours to the catalyst. That said, rubbing the lamp is not necessary, but encouraged if you want to finish the conversion before happy hour starts at the taverns.


Suddenly my sacrificial lamp transformed into a shiny blue brick and was swept away into the sky. I guess the Almighty also collects bricks...


Store the sacrificial lamp in a warm, moist place away from direct sunlight or lightning bolts. This is why most sacrificial lamps are only found within the belly of strong monsters where they are kept (relatively) safe. The lamp's metal alloy must be kept moist and in a Godless environment. Godpower "poisons" the catalyst and makes it unusable.


There are legends that say that the Sacrificial Lamps were created by an Evil God as part of his evil plans. Yet others state otherwise.) It is believed that his intention is to let loose an ancient evil into Godville. The legend goes that when enough Sacrificial Lamps have been used up and enough selfish wishes for power were granted, an Evil Genie would appear to engulf the world in hate and ruin with the Evil God smiting by his side...

combine with Slice of jurassic pork to make Skeleton key

combine with Skeleton keycard to make ( )