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*Can heal (rare)
*Intensely powerful magic
*Intensely powerful magic

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Monsters of Godville
Sabertooth Fairy
Class Prehistoric
Habitat Woodland
Description A tiny, idiotic fairy. The only way you can see it is by its giant, fat teeth.

A beast that has caused the death of many, the Sabertooth Fairy is a deadly behemoth. The creature is the prehistoric child of the Lightsaber-Toothed Tiger and a Fairy. It has powerful magic attacks which can devastate entire towns. The appearance of this monstrosity is known throughout the land. It has a human head with 5-foot long fangs protruding from its mouth. The body is only 3 centimeters but very muscular. Even the female form has muscles to spare. The wings are not pink and frilly. Instead, they are jagged, black, and long, covering half its body. The funny thing about this "fairy" is the fact that it lacks a wand. It prefers to use its hands to cast its spells. These beings inhabit the woodlands of Godville, attacking unaware heroes, often times taking the gold bricks said heroes possess. They have an abstract fascination with gold and can be easily distracted by such. The males during mating season will turn solid gold in hopes of attracting a mate. But, because of their incredible danger not much study has been conducted on the beings, other than that they have noticed that these creatures are not very bright. In hopes of becoming great, they have adapted and grown large fangs. But out of stupidity, they can not figure out how to use these incredible weapons of destruction. Sometimes, they even eat themselves. Heroes, being stupider than these creatures, often die fighting them. Beware... They are not easy to beat.


  • Can heal (rare)
  • Intensely powerful magic
  • Ruthlessness


  • Stupidity
  • Tiny
  • It sometimes devours itself with its large fangs.