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SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect- Founder/Administrator Maliceoa

The SCP Foundation is a multi-verse organization which has protected humanity for centuries or even eternities, which is why it comes as a surprise when one of the reality bending SCP testing went wrong and brought the Administrator/Maliceoa to Godville along with one member of her loyal MTF, Alpha 1 Task Force Sergant Alice Desker, now with a new purpose, the Administrator sets up a provisonal Site G3 and somehowly some of the Foundation's scientist and guards and other personel also gets teleported into the Site G3, the Foundation ever since than begin to Secure monsters, Contain them, and protect the rest of Godville from monsters.

Focus: The Foundation in Godville have now ever since change their focus to testing monsters to see how we can invent new tech or find weaknesses to exploit from the monsters, our scientists has so far figure out many weaknesses of the monsters and made monster slaying much easier, however it's still a mystery how monster drops loots.

Welcome to the Foundation, we may have just begun, but we know we will become strong, hiring today!