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To suggest changes to the rules, please contact {{god|Spode}}.
To suggest changes to the rules, please contact {{god|Spode}}.
==See Also==
* [http://godvillegame.com/login/tos Godville Terms of Service]
* [http://godvillegame.com/login/rules Godville Game Rules]
[[Category:Technical]] [[Category:Guidelines]]
[[Category:Technical]] [[Category:Guidelines]]

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These are the rules which must be followed while editing any article on the wiki. There are only a few so it is expected that you follow them. Note: If a wiki moderator breaks a certain rule, it is considered an exception since it will be for special reasons.


  1. All changes must be marked as 'minor edits' unless you have created a brand new article or majorly expanded one/multiple sections, with the exception of changes to guild articles which must always be marked as 'minor edits'.
  2. When the Guild Template is used, all statistics given in it should be true.
  3. You may not edit the guild article of a guild in which you are not a member without permission.
  4. You may not mention the name of any guild in an article of the 'gameplay' category.
  5. You may not unnecessarily mention a username/godname/heroname in any article except those listed under the 'guilds', 'backstage', 'heroes' or 'gods' categories.
  6. You may not post any material on the wiki which can be considered pornographic. Immediate permanent banning from the whole game will result if this rule is ever broken.
  7. You may not create/edit an article in a category labelled with the 'do not tamper with' sign without permission.
  8. Spam, vandalism and foul language are forbidden. No exceptions.

If you break a rule, a warning will be posted on your wiki user page. Two warnings will result in you being reported to the admin. The punishment will depend on the severity of the offence.

To suggest changes to the rules, please contact GodSpode .

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