Root of all goodness

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Artifacts of Godville
Root of all goodness
Type 💎Bold
Description The origin of purity.

The Root of all goodness is tiny piece of the root belonging to the ancient tree of goodness which holds literal goodness in its branches, leaves, fruits and roots. The tree's burls are often removed from the tree and sold for large amounts of coin all over the world. There are no rules regarding the possession and trading for any pieces of this tree, and it is assumed by most this is because Admin wishes for heroes to have a good time playing the game versus worrying about their heroes getting into trouble for picking up and selling items they are not supposed to own.

Some monsters are known to carry it around, and eventually the root reaches deep into their soul causing even the most evil become good or at least mildly pleasant. Monsters with this item in their inventory may hum or sing to themselves without realizing it. Heroes who have an evil personality due to frequent, ongoing punishment will find they want to sell this item as quickly as possible; whereas heroes with good personalities will tend to hug the root and even on occasion fall asleep with it in their hands.

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