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*Can go for up to 2 days without food
*Can go for up to 2 days without food
*Easy for owner to see what mood they are in.
*Easy for owner to see what mood they are in.
*Can heal wounds by licking
21:40: Iago came closer and started licking my wounds. Suddenly I felt better, even without all these sword-puncture sessions.-Elokakma
=== Weaknesses ===
=== Weaknesses ===

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A very cute and common pet in GodVille. Rocky Raccoons are very well known for their reputation as scavengers, often emptying the inventory of many a hero when they're asleep or too inebriated to care. Despite their thieving nature, Rocky Raccoons make great company for any adventurer, even if a few of them are "a little" rabid.

In the Wild


Rocky Raccoons are most commonly found in the mountainous regions of Godville, so if you want to go looking for one your best bet would be to go searching near the Jagged Peaks or around the World's Apex. They love the snow and many adventurers have accidentally stepped on one while trudging through a blizzard.

When it is sunny, they often sunbathe on the rocks and generally don't do much all day long. They also like to dig for treasure so if you see a lot of potholes in the path, chances are there has been a Rocky Raccoon in the area recently.


Rocky Raccoons look just like normal raccoons but have considerably longer and fluffier tails and their eyes can change color depending on their mood. If their eyes are brown they are content, If they are green they are excited and if they are red, well, just get out of there!

The other points of interest (excuse the pun) are their teeth. Depending on how hungry they are, their teeth change length. This may seem quite alarming, but it is perfectly normal. However if you also see them drooling, you may want to check whether they have an aversion to water because they may also have rabies!

When they get angry, their eyes turn red.


In their natural state, Rocky Raccoons are very timid but will ferociously defend their territory at (almost) any cost. They are accomplished thieves and are expert foragers, and can smell their favorite food (coon-berries) from two miles away. Anyone crossing an area infested with these creatures must keep an eye on their belongings as they have a tendency to go "missing" shortly after an encounter with a raccoon. Rocky Raccoons are the "lowlifes" of Godville and have almost no shame whatsoever. Bear this in mind if you are planning on trying to appeal to their better nature. They don't have one.


Even tame Rocky Raccoons still try to steal anything they can find, especially gold and food. Clever (very rare) heroes can use this personality trait to their advantage should they be able to teach their raccoon to steal on command from other people. However in reality the raccoon is still very likely to steal from the hero him/herself. Also if the hero has neglected to feed his raccoon, the abnormally long teeth that develop usually scare people into giving the hero stuff for free or quite simply to run away.

Rocky Raccoons are very nimble and quick, masters of camouflage, and can deliver a nasty bite if they feel like it. However due to their shy nature they are more likely to run away than to help defeat a significantly stronger foe.

Rocky Raccoons are rumored to begin swishing their furry tails in rhythm whenever the Beatles are playing on the radio. The reason for this mystery has yet to be uncovered.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Can hide and attack out of nowhere.
  • Very intimidating, especially if hungry.
  • Have an amazing sense of smell.
  • Can go for up to 2 days without food
  • Easy for owner to see what mood they are in.


  • Very shy and flee from strong opponents.
  • Are overly protective of their tails - hit them there and they won't fight until it feels better.
  • Short sighted for anything that isn't purple or gold.
  • Easy to see what mood they are in and how much "fight" is left in them (color of eyes).
  • The trustworthy pet will also save the hero from death.. Even if it means they are sacrificing their own life.