Robber Chicken

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Pets of Godville
Robber Chicken
"Gallus gallus cleperes"
Loyal Robber Chicken with it's high level Owner
Class Phasianidae
Habitat Poultry Houses and dark alleys
Description A kleptomaniac chicken
Features Unknown

General information

The "'Robber Chicken"' (Gallus gallus clepere) is a monster responsible for most part of the crimes that happens in roads and shops (excluding the usual ones made by shopkeepers against heroes). It is unknown what it does with all the stolen goods, but scientists theorize that it sells them at the black market to feed it's hormone addiction, present since it was no more than a egg.

Qualities as a pet

After being tamed, it is considered to be somewhat docile. It's not unusual for it's owner to be awakened at 6AM not only by a powerful scream from his or her pet, but also with a breakfast on bed made from the eggs it naturally produces. Not only that, it likes to surprise it's caretaker with the itens stolen from a random shop to show affection.



  • Extremely gifted with the use of sleigh of hand;
  • High hormonal levels improve it's physical capabilities;
  • Able to throw eggs at enemies;
  • Blends with the shadows;


  • Accepts hormones as bribe;
  • Unable to fly with it's wings;
  • Has a delicious meat, making it highly sought after;