Rings of the lord

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Equipment of Godville
Rings of the lord
Worn 💪Arms
Durability Unknown
Description Unknown

While rumors fly that this piece of equipment is a treasure from “The Mandarin” and grants special powers, this gossip is very far from the truth.

The rings of the lord originated in a secret conclave of stage and close-up magicians. These simple linking rings were passed down as a tradition among the community’s leaders, known as the “Lords of Sleight”. Each Lord of Sleight was tasked with crafting their own set of linking rings for use in a trick.

Unfortunately, the conclave was destroyed in 1252 g.e. by heroes who couldn’t understand the magicians’ tricks. They asked for the methods, but a true magician never reveals their secrets. Angered, the heroes ransacked and destroyed the community, believing the many chains of rings stored in the town hall were things to wear.