Righteous guild!

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Righteous guild!
Motto: Righteous or not!
Alignment: humane
Gold Fund: 20910 c.u.
Date Founded: The world may never know....
Membership Count: 73
Town with Greatest Influence: Deville (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 195
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 38
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 228
Forum Headquarters: Righteous guild!
Guild Page: Righteous guild! 
Data current as of February 27, 2014


This guild was created when GodShadowdarkstar  decided that he would like his hero, Shadowdragon69, to be a lone ranger. The guild wasn't supposed to be big. It was just supposed to be him.

Another theory is that the guild was created because GodShadowdarkstar  didn't know much about guilds and ended up creating one of his own. Because, why not? Sure, you could join an established guild, but a smaller guild is just as good. Plus, there's a whole lot less drama, if you're not a drama queen.

Believe which ever you like. Come up with crazy ideas about it. Maybe there's a bi-polar bear in your story. Maybe not.

We are currently looking for recruits. You do not have to be righteous to join, but it would still be awesome if you were. We usually have about 70 members! We also have a forum.

When joining the guild, please friend GodShadowdarkstar  or GodI AM TIRED OF THIS . It is not mandatory, but we will do our best to welcome you into this guild. Join Righteous guild! today!

How to Join The Guild

If you would simply like to join our guild, simply type join "Righteous Guild!" You can also do enroll instead of join. *DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CURRENT QUEST* If you cancel the quest, you will half to wait for another quest before joining.

If your hero tries to leave the guild, simply type: cancel quest abandon quest stop quest. You can use any one of those. If your hero does not listen, simply send it again and again.

Mentioned in Godville Times

August 14, 2012. Our guild was in the "Godville Times" for having 2% guild popularity in Herolympus. This is the biggest thing that has happened to us since we hit 100 members! A mention is great for guild's publicity.

August 18, 2012. Our guild, was yet again, in the Godville Times. This time, for 1% guild popularity in Herolympus.

September 16, 2013 (Issue #979). • The excellent nutrition of the “guild” guild has made members of the “Righteous guild!” guild extremely jealous.

April 21, 2014. Righteous Guild! Was in the Godville Times for having 2% popularity in Trollbridge! This is great for promoting our guild!

That's a lot of "guilds"...

Temple Owners

Our first temple owner is GodMommy Dearest . Other temple owners include GodIAINWOLF , GodSynfalen , GodMrBen  and GodMirasa . Now, I'm thrilled to announce that GodShadowdarkstar  is a proud temple owner!

High Ranked Members

We have a number of highly ranked gods and goddesses in our guild. They include:

Prophet= GodShadowdarkstar 

Regent= GodMommy Dearest 

Patriarch= GodMirasa 

Hierarchs= GodKeyser-Soze , GodLord Victor X , and GodIAINWOLF 

Cardinal= GodClannad , GodLeSQ , and GodRikkaMartin 

Honored Member (Because I am writing the thing)= GodI AM TIRED OF THIS , and GodDashSloop 

Our Current Members


GodMommy Dearest 



GodLord Victor X 






GodJim Farmer 







(If you are not include in this list, please message GodDashSloop or GodI AM TIRED OF THIS  Thank you for your cooperation.

In association with GodI AM TIRED OF THIS , god GodDashSloop  has also helped edit this page.

We would like to thank you for your support and continued involvement in Righteous guild!.