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| class      = Vegetable
| class      = Vegetable
| habitat    = Vegetable Gardens
| habitat    = Vegetable Gardens
| totem      = Skeatseria Lodge
The '''Rhubarbarian ''' is a [[monster]].
The '''Rhubarbarian ''' is a [[monster]].

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Monsters of Godville
Class Vegetable
Habitat Vegetable Gardens
Description An angry vegetable

The Rhubarbarian is a monster.

The only thing it hates more than heroes is its arch nemesis, the Celery Stalker.

this monster has hidden it's secret stashes of disused heroes' artifacts under ground, where it frequently waits for unlucky heroes to approach.

Most heroes, however, rated the monster as a push-over due to their lack of understanding that there will only ever be one Rhubarbarian, as it will always revive and continue it's prowling, never to die.


  • Rabbits
  • Heroes in general


  • Immortal
!Hero's Diary
Dug a hole. Found a Rhubarbarian's secret stash of 159 coins.