Rewrite the diary in invisible ink

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Quests of Godville


Rewrite the diary in invisible ink

To Rewrite the diary in invisible task is a hard quest that will make the hardship of champions' life very transparent.

General Information

The Quest

This quest was born from heroines and heroes who suddenly felt the heroic desire to hide their accidental [1] misdeeds to their respective deities or to anyone who will end up reading their diary.

To accomplish this quest, adventurers try a lot of methods, more or less scientifical, and ultimately accomplish it by mere luck. Or atleast they thought they completed the quest, but let's not break their ego.

Tips to complete

  • Do not lose the diary before completing the copy.
  • Avoid ultraviolet ray areas as they make the ink visible and make the quest progress null
  • Avoid any secret agent that will try to use chemicals to make the ink visible.

Example of progress

Future.png Later...

Notes & References

  1. Or not.