Relatively honest robbery

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The Relatively honest robbery skill is only known as a trade skill; it isn't as such really. To be relatively honest,the relatively honest robbery was originally invented as an excuse for not-too-bright heroes who were caught red-handed in their thieving schemes. The trick of it is in the persuasion method and charm of the user. This skill can be used to secure what some people may call a 'bargain' or a 'discount' but those people may also tell you that murder is 'such a dirty word'. Those who embrace this skill as a discipline are mostly fools.

Skills of Godville
Relatively honest robbery
Skill Badge only the experts may wear
Type 💸Trade
Description Unknown




I was merely borrowing it.


What doughnut? I don't see no doughnut!


Oi! You speaking to me, sunshine?


Um...Hey, look, a dancing goat!


Wasn't me...