Rehearse a speech for world domination

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Quests of Godville


Rehearse a speech for world domination
a really intense rehearsal

Soon, your rule is just about to happen give it a couple weeks.

A step by step guide

Step one: imagine your speech

Picture yourself, about to address your new subjects; crown in head, coat, uniform, dress maybe? Imagine how your speech is going to look: the banners waving, flowers all around, war trophies piled under your feet. If you can imagine it the speech will come out naturally. Be magnanimous, extra, it's your day.

Step two: first drafts

Try writing a few lines and rehearse them in front of the mirror or your pet, whichever you are less afraid of. Tinker with the drafts until you get a speech that you think is good enough to deliver to the public.

Step three: go for it

Go out and deliver your speech in any corner of Godville that will let you. It will take dozens upon dozens of attempts but eventually your speech will be so eloquent and convincing that your audience will truly believe you are their overlord.