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Motto: In progress
Alignment: Bright
Gold Fund: 22226 c.u.
Date Founded: The Nearly Ancient Past
Membership Count: 35
Town with Greatest Influence: Herolympus (5%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 290
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 390
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 169
Forum Headquarters: [Not yet in existence Razae]
Guild Page: Razae 
Data current as of 19 February 2018

Summary Of Razae

The founder having abandoned the guild, left its members to fend for themselves. Elections are currently taking place to determine our new leader. With a lot of praying, the heroes who remain in and join the guild shall get a worthy leader, who will lead the guild Razae to glory! In time we shall prosper into one of the mightiest guilds, and all those willing to join us in our rise for power must only join the guild. We shall earn the respect of our peers, and then shove that respect into their faces like the cake at our last celebration, but we didn't care because it was delicious! Plus we got cake for joining, so that's a good incentive, am I right? Recently refounded under Flubbinugget, as he stole it best.