Rays of love

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One of the more mystical skills, Rays of love is a skill bestowed by a Hero's God rather than one that can be learned or acquired. After being bathed by the Influence of their God for some time, some Heroes are left with a faint resonance, a psychic link to their personal Saviour.

Those sensitive enough to pick up on this can then call upon their God during tough battles to aid them in their struggles. When it works, this faint encouragement manifests itself in what looks like beams of light from the heavens which shine down on the Hero, with the effects of fortifying the Hero's defence and drawing strength from their God's loving rays seek to smite their enemy.

Over time God and Hero grow a close bond via this link and slowly strengthen the power of this skill.

Being a skill wrapped in Godly mystery, there are whisperings from some dingy taverns that this skill is far more prevalently used by Heroes who receive a lot of Encouragement, though this could just be the deranged ramblings of drunken bitter old Heores who question the nature and existence of their God.