Random Effect Artifacts

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What is inside? Open it to find out!
What will happen? No-one knows!

Random Effect Artefacts are artefacts which can be activated by the God to affect the Hero in a random way. If they are not used, the hero will sell them for anything between 200 and 500 coins. Some people like the surprises, whereas others like to know what they are getting into. Here is a short guide to what artefacts are random effect artefacts, and what they can actually do.


Here is a list of the activate-able random effect artefacts:


The following effects apply to all activate-able artefacts:

  • Gain money - 1000-3000 on average.
  • Gain gold brick - Usually one. In some rare cases you may get up to three.
  • One less death - Subtracted from death count.
  • Nothing - Nothing at all. You simply lose the item and the Godpower.

The following are only for the Box with a ? and the deus ex machina:

  • Lose gold - Around half of what you have.
  • Lose gold bricks - Usually one. Rarely two.
  • Gain a death - Added to death count.
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