Radioactive Cockroach

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Monsters of Godville
Radioactive Cockroach
Class Irradiated Insect
Habitat Wherever it wants
Totem for Responsibilabuddies ⚜️ 
Description Unknown

While the origin of this creature is oftentimes debated, the Radioactive Cockroach is surely a step above the rest of its kind. Coming in many shapes, sizes, and levels of radioactivity, there are only two things you can expect to come out of a Radioactive Cockroach encounter: an ass whooping and a sizable dose of radiation.

Once bitten by a Radioactive Cockroach, the superhero known as Cockroach-Man now has the ability to fly short distances, lay eggs, and eat the items in your mother's pantry. Multiple heroes have purposefully sustained bites from Radioactive Cockroaches in an attempt to receive these powers, but instead were gifted with painful sores and cancerous welts.