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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 111
Map code QT
Known for Bad trading, better prayers

Quirkytown is a small village built inside a crater. It was founded ages ago by a race of sprites called the Quirks. They lived a life of leisure and happiness until heroes arrived. That fateful day they were absorbed by heroes who now carry them in their heart. That's why prayers are more powerful here as it is the only place where quirks feel glad, and thus lend their power to the praying folks.

Nowadays, Quirkytown is inhabited by some curious people who display manners and attitudes obviously full of quirks. This population along with their particular dances make this town a place worth visiting.

Game Notes

  • For really particular reasons, trading is not profitable here
  • On the other hand, Quirkytown has something magical that brings heroines and deities closer

Distinctive Features

The local economy orbits around bottle caps. It should be the end of the world for any sane trader to accept them as currency, so heroines (forced into this strange economy) have to deal with predatory bankers who exchange caps for gold. Even though, the average adventurer doesn't care much about this economic conundrum because they'll be payed in caps and caps will be enough to buy beer.

The inhabitants of this town suffer from Quirkiness. Quirkiness ranges from:

  • Collecting bottle caps
  • Tie wearing
  • People singing in the town as if they are in a musical
  • Impersonating famous characters with improvised attire and atrezzo
  • Engage in heated arguments about the exact tonality of the colours around them


The Colour Wheel

In the middle of the town stands tall a ring of galleries surrounding an ancient Quirk shrine. This hedge maze is crammed with artists who organize themselves into quarters, each a color of the wheel:

  • The white walk on top, made of marble and thoroughly decorated, is inhabited by the most famous artists.
  • Then the wheel, four stories of galleries disputed between artist gangs called colours. They will often challenge each other into artistic competitions to take dispute territories or just because.
  • And finally there's the black maze, which is the web of tunnels and canals below the wheel. This place is reserved for forgotten or forsaken artists who are literally exiled into oscurity. A dead end here holds the works of Pic, the inventor of the Insecurity Camera.
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