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|effect=Sends on a [[Mini-quest]]
|effect=Send on a [[Mini-quest]]

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Artifacts of Godville
Quest randomizer
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description "Round and round and round we spin, with feet of lead and wings of tin..."
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Send on a Mini-quest

The common Quest Randomizer will send your Hero or Heroine off on a random journey when activated.

Note that the Quest Randomizer can lead to your Hero setting off on a Mini-quest. This in term can lead to your Hero fighting for his or her life in a quest such as Find a level boss and defeat it. You will be up against something like to a Level Boss. Hope that your God is around to resurrect you.

Instructions for use

  • Roll the dice.
  • Sharpen your sword
  • Be prepared to flee, as you may well meet a Boss Monster!

When activated this Artifact will send the Hero off on a random quest. Requires 50% godpower to activate.