Queen Kong

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Monsters of Godville
Queen Kong
Class Ape
Habitat Jungle
Description Giant female gorilla

She is the wife of King Kong and a descendant of Grape Ape. She is Queen Kong, ruler of feminist monkeys, fighter of hunters, hater of heroes. Queen Kong has long been sought after by poachers for the huge gorilla fur pelt that she has. Rumor has it the said object is the fluffiest of its kind. Queen Kong's daughters also have one, but they haven't reached maturity, so it is actually pretty hard to make a good coat out of them.

The names of her few daughters are not universally agreed upon and the few suggestion- like Princess for one example- are thought of as rumors or speculation. The Queen has many sons, one of which is the famous video game star Donkey Kong. The story behind this name was recently verified. Appearently almost immediatly after birth Donkey threw a fit and punched his father in the eye, causing irrepairable vision problems. The King got so upset about his rude little boy that he began to call Donkey an explicit name. The name stuck, but as the king he did not wish for the young boy to start off on the wrong foot. The Queen always refused to use profanity, so all along she had replaced the undesirable nickname with it's fellow synonym, donkey. She had fierce maternal instincts and loved all her children deeply, but she still needed to comply with her husband when he was adament about something. When the king warmed up to his son, he used his wides more pleasant name for their child. The good morals and manners of the Queen saved one of her children from disaster.

The Queen noticed that many of the men in her family- King Kong, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong- were recieving all the attention. She realized that if not for her they would never be where they were in their careers. It was at this point that she came to the conclusion that she deserved some credit. When the others didn't help she attemped to launch a new brand of dog toy. These became very successful, but she had only called them Kong so people didn't realize that she wad involved. This is when she decided to try it another way. The new way is what she is doing now: Fighting heros. This way she would definately get credit. She is currently still pursuing this path.

The Queen Kong lives in the land of Los Adminos. The island is surrounded by water, protecting the QK and her children. Even though she is huge, her fur is green and camouflages perfectly with the trees, a charscteristic she inherited from her great grandpappy. She is shy around humans and cant stand their noisy planes and whatnot, so she sometimes throws tantrums and crushes cars, planes, tanks, buildings, etc. Though this is rare because not many are brave or stupid enough to venture onto her island. Unless this ape needs to go shopping or is angered or prevoked she typically will not travel into a cililization inhabited by humans. As for her appearance, early sketches show a hat with a flower, silky green fur, a body that's bigger than life, and a height of 75 meters.