Qu'tox Ocean

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Geography of Godville
Qu'tox Ocean
Description Unknown




The Qu'tox Ocean is feared by many experienced sailors for its lethal maelstroms and unpredictable weather patterns.

It is rumored that the Bermuda Triangle is hidden here somewhere as well as the resting place for articles previously added, but since deleted from Godville, but such reports cannot be confirmed or denied. The only known group of islands in it is the legendary Sacred Archipelago with only one inhabited island, for the rest are wastelands which are the location of time-share condominiums sometimes used by the Antihero or Feral Hero when on vacation.

There is also a legend told by few traders that in the ocean itself there is a gigantic sea serpent. This monstrous beast has been said to swallow entire ships that try to manuever around the Sacred Archipelago. These stories might not be true since traders are selling false artifacts that supposedly came from the monster itself. It is advised that heroes do not believe such stories and freely travel to and from Los Adminos.


The great ocean southwest of Godville's main continent, where the Sacred Archipelago contains Los Adminos.

Territories and Landmarks
B-Trees Forest • The Battle Hamster Farm • Beer Bay • Blood-Curdling Stream • Blue Portal Lagoon • Brain Slugs Farm • Brokeback Knoll • Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle • The Cavern of Dwarves' Glory • The Cliff of The Lonely Hero • Cliff of Unrequited Love • The Close Encounters of the Third Kind Hill • Desert of Former Alkies • Divine Lake • Eastern Magmatic Plumules • Field of Special Magic • Forgotten Woods • Fountain of Youth • Graveyard of the Chosen Ones • Great Lava Desert of Trogh • Hypergiant Delta • Jagged Peaks • Lake of Maiden's Tears • Limestone Labyrinth • The Land of Landmarks • Little-big pond • Lost paradise • Low Gravity Plains • Mainstream • Meadows of Eternal Tranquility • Meadow of Everlastingnight • Milestone 554 • Oasis of Deadman's Hand • OnePricedWood • Passage of the Last Man Lying • Pathway of Lemmings • Plateau of Low Gravity • Platonic Woodland • Qu'tox Ocean • Radiostagnant Pits • River Amp • River Kraktor • River Stinks • Sacred Archipelago • Silly Cone Valley • Sleepless Hollow • The Spring of Eternal Senility • Strawberry Fields • Swamp of Missed Kamikazes • The Valley of the Blind • The Valley of Lost Hopes • Trans-Astral Highway • Triffids' Valley • Vector Field • Wastelands of Insomnia • Watering Hole • World's Apex • Yggdrasil