Pyra Allinston

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Pyra Allinston
Champion of the God: WonderousKirby577
Personality: Neutral Alcoholic
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Motto: Eat me!
Guild: Psycho-Pass
Guild Rank: Follower
Guild Position: Drunkard picked up off of street due to staff shortages
Wins / Losses: 0/3
Temple Completion Date: haha no
Ark Completion Date: not even close
Pairs Gathered Date: she doesn't even have an ark
Retirement Date: probally never, given how much money she loses
Current Savings: bugger all
Pet Type: Nonexisty
Pet Name: Nonexisty
Pet Level: 0
Pet Healing Count: 0
Favorite Town: Godville
Largest Ever Gold: dunno
Most Hated Monster: Presidential Seal
Personal Rival: Anyone who spills her beer

There are many types of heroes. Some are tall, some are short. Some are fat and some are thin. And a small few are truly destined for greatness.

Pyra Allinston is not one of those heroes. Born at some town in the middle of who-knows, Pyra Allinston was the daughter to a middle-class soap-maker. After a argument with her dad about whether soap was a vegtable or a fruit, she left to strike out on her own. However, after a drunken bender she awoke in the empty foundations of a temple and heard voices teling her she was an adventurer. She was reluctant at first, but upon realising this was an excuse to drink all the beer she wanted she was all in.

She is a capricous, gold hungry, usually drunk and all around not that bright. Basically, a normal adventurer.

Recently, Pyra Allinston was drinking at a bar in Monsterdam when she saw a weird-looking ice fairy. She decided to approach her and they hit it off with each other. The moment was only slightly marred when Pyra attemped to use her as an ice cube. Mind you, she was pretty drunk. Pyra still wants to be friends with her, mainly due to the prospect of unlimited chilled drinks.