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Monsters of Godville
Class Sealy Jokester
Habitat The darkest depths of the ideabox, ready to pounce with tearable jokes or just lion around.
Totem for The Ideaboxers Union ⚜️ 
Description A fell jokester who has explored the depths of the pointlessness of using a broken pencil.

The Punslinger is a creature feared among all heroes for its terrifying ability to melt a heroes brain with its groan worthy puns. One of them is Godville's most wanted creature, wanted for use of a waffle joke aimed at the Godville Administrators, though it is currently resisting a rest.


Punslingers come in all shapes and sizes, as they are not born as Punslingers, they merely pick up a abbot of punning. They turn into these jokesters when they go too far. This is the real reason Punslingers are dangerous, they can be anywhere and anyone... You'd best be advised not to look over your shoulder right now.

In truth, Punsligerism is more of a religion. A radical religion at that, as these sometimes mind meltingly bad jokes have the habit of melting minds, as their description tells us. Their prayers are puns, and their temples are.. (well, they don't have any temples, but who needs those anyway?)


The cult like thing of Punslingers started one fine day when a father was explaining to his children the dangers of bears.

“Bears will likely try to kill you if you poke them with sticks” he began.

A little while later he said...

“Now bare with me... Hey, that sounds cool, like bear! Bare, bear...”.

His children were asleep at this point and didn't notice.

He decided to go out and tell others of this bare-bear thing, as he found it brilliant. Sadly, the first people he found were heroes, the conversation went as follows:

Man: Hello there! Want to hear something I figured out? I find it humorous.

Hero 1: Grunt

Man: Bear with me now, but you know how bear sounds the same as bear...?

At this point, both heroes heads exploded, leaving the man alone. Armed with this discovery of the power of puns, he recruited more Punslingers and made Punslingerism what it is today.


  • Often found with no physical weapon
  • The stupidest heroes are unaffected as they often haven't figured out how to speak English yet.
  • Are vulnerable when caught without a pun on hand.


  • Capable of exploding other's heads
  • Often very cunning
  • Even heroes can appreciate a joke once in a while and may leave the Punslinger alone in exchange for a good laugh.