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Several butterflies turn to ashes and drift to the ground...

Punishment — quite literally raining on the hero's parade. Punishing a heroine or hero is a sure way to make them fear you.

General Information

Using the "punish" button on the Remote Control costs 25% Godpower and will sends down a divine influence, but not a pleasant one. The most common outcome is for the heroine or hero to be struck by lightning; this will hurt, sometimes a lot, and if your heroine has not yet completed her temple and has at least 3000 gold coins, can result in melting those coins into a gold brick. Punishment is more effective than encouragement for producing gold bricks.

Punishment can sometimes heal, but most often, it takes away some health. However, the heroine will sometimes see this as a sign from their Goddess or God, and may pray there and then. Punishing your heroine while their health is at 1 may grant them the special aura of bliss, and it also affects their personality: a heroine who is punished a lot will grow more evil every time they are punished. If making the heroine evil is intentional, they must be punished often. Otherwise, as is the case with all heroines' personalities, they will eventually drop back to neutral.

However, your heroine is not the only one who can be affected by your intolerance. In fact, if used during a battle against another heroine or monster, a Goddess can punish the opposition, thus helping your heroine. Unfortunately, Goddesses and gods do not have the best aim, so the punishment may occasionally miss or even hit your heroine instead.

Effects when punished

While traveling

  • Nothing.
  • Backfire : Lose HPs.
    • May grants an aura of bliss if heroine already at very low health

So how will you punish your heroine, oh vengeful one? The following methods are the most widely used, and for good reason:

  • Roaring pillar of fire
  • Great big flood that lasts for over 9000 days (Note that this might not work very well on heroines and heroes with arks.)
  • Turn all water into blood then unleash a plague of small green amphibians
  • The good ol' lightning bolt
  • Boiling acid
  • All of the above over the course of a week

Tip: Use the deep booming voice setting on your Remote Control, NEVER the helium effect one. Learn from the mistakes of other deities.

Examples of Healing Punishments

09:42 PM A lightning bolt to the forehead quickly refreshed my mind and filled my body with energy. Yo-ho-ho, who's next, you pansies?

11:09 PM A flurry of well-aimed fireballs from the heavens neatly cauterized all my wounds, leaving me fighting fit. Thanks for the help, Fearsome One!