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Several butterflies turn to ashes and drift to the ground...

A Punishment — quite literally raining on the hero's parade. Punishing a heroine or hero is a sure way to make them eviler.

General Information

To punish a heroine, a goddess must use the "punish" button on her Remote Control at a 25%Godpower cost. Since divine intervention (even not pleasent one) is special, a heroine will always write about it in her diary.

Punishment will affects a heroine's Personality, steering {his or her}} towards the side of evil, but constant punishment is needed to remain evil otherwise a heroine will eventually drop back down to neutral. A n encouragement will speed the process of reverting to neutral or even steer towards the good side.


  • Punishments have a higher chance to melt a brick compared to encouragements
  • Compared to neutral and good heroes, evil heroes do slightly more damage to monsters.
  • Constant punishment will place the goddess under the Pantheon of destruction. The further away from neutral, the higher their rank will be.
  • The Fiend achievement
    • Honored Fiend: 30000 punishes
    • Fiend, 1st rank: 10000 punishes
    • Fiend, 2nd rank: 1000 punishes
    • Fiend, 3rd rank: Reach "pure evil"


  • Compared to neutral or good heroes, evil takes a little more damage from monsters, making them more likely to die. [1]
  • Cancels fishing upon use without an end reward

Effects when punished

While traveling

  • Deals extra damage to a monster if fighting one (most common result)
  • Melts 3000 gold coins into a golden brick
  • Restores around 60-180 hp of their health (Uncommon)
  • Getting a great amount of Godpower
  • Gain a boost to their experience [1]
  • Gain a boost to their quest percentage [1]
  • Mend any piece of equipment (+1) [1]
  • Nothing
  • Backfire : Lose HPs.
    • May grants an aura of bliss if heroine already at very low health

= In town

  • Increases guild influence
  • When trading, may grants some gold (200-500) or a free artifact (even activatables). [1]

During adventures

  • While in a duel with another hero in the Arena or a Boss-monster, it either deal damage to the opponent's health, damage to your hero, or damage to both.
  • In the Dungeon it will lose health to your hero, all conscious party members will lose some health, or nothing will happen. [1]
  • During a Sail it could do damage to beasties, replenish your food supplies or backfire to damage your ark.
  • During Datamine, it may makes a thruster appears in a nearby case.


Examples of Healing Punishments

!Hero's Diary
09:42 PM A lightning bolt to the forehead quickly refreshed my mind and filled my body with energy. Yo-ho-ho, who's next, you pansies?

!Hero's Diary
11:09 PM A flurry of well-aimed fireballs from the heavens neatly cauterized all my wounds, leaving me fighting fit. Thanks for the help, Fearsome One!
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