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Monsters of Godville
Class Surprise attacker
Habitat Where you less expect it
Totem for Pun Stars ⚜️ 
Description A sneaky creature that attacks unsuspecting travellers and tells them the worst puns you could ever think of

A Pundamentalist is a rare creature that attacks with dreadful puns


A pundamentalist does not have a clear shape, and even if it had one, no one would easily be able to discern it, for it stay hidden and moves fast, most of the time. The only distinct feature is a grin, that grows larger with its power. There was a report of a Pundamentalist so powerful that the end of his grin met on the other side of the creature. It attacks anywhere, for its puns hurt more the less you are prepared.


It is not known when the Pundamentalist came to be, but it has probably lived since humanity was created.
Many scientists believe that they were born from the sheer power of the puns not told by the heroes, that coalesced into dark masses of stupid laughs and unreasonable hilarity.



  • If powerful enough it can simply tell a bad pun and literally make your head explode with cringe
  • As a mostly ethereal being, it is difficult to hit him
  • If it stalks a hero that refrains from joking, it can feed off his untold puns and grow strong, to then attack the hero


  • If you manage to enter melee combat, it can be distracted, for he need to concentrate to tell its puns, making it easier to kill him
  • For this reason, if you manage to survive the first few puns, he's pretty weak
  • Only an old and powerful Pundamentalist is a real threat, and those are pretty rare