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Monsters of Godville
Prom Knight
Saltatus eques
Prom Knight in his tuxedo attire
Class Humanoid
Habitat Dancefloor
Description Cavalier who likes to party

Prom Knight (Saltatus eques) is a monster that likes to crash prom parties in the name of the Lord Prom Emperor.


Prom Knights wear black tuxedos and shiny helmets to protect their brains where they store all their knowledge about ballroom dancing.

They usually carry swords on their dominant hand and sometimes, a bouquet of flowers on the other.

They tell cheesy lines to fool people into dancing waltz.

Knights in Shining Tuxedos

Prom Knights are knights from who swore their lives to the Prom King. They are obedient in everything their King says.

Everyone loved them until they became monsters when the 64th class of Lostway Academy chose Tom D. Promman to be the next Prom King of Lostway. The new King used the Knights to defeat the other Prom Kings from other schools.

When he was victorious, he hailed himself as Lord Prom Emperor and ordered his men to crash all prom parties so no one would ever replace him as Prom King.

The most well-known party crash they did was in University of Dogville, where they successfully made everyone dance chacha for 48 hours straight until some heroes came.

They blasted a catchy tune and everybody began dancing. I didn't know they were that powerful.
— A graduating student from University of Dogville



  • They can dance ballroom all night
  • Can charm heroes to dance with them
  • Can hear party music from hundreds of miles away


  • Can be distracted by even more party music
  • Feet are swollen from dancing
  • Will cry hard when promposal is rejected
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