Prawn of Satan

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Monsters of Godville
Prawn of Satan
Palaemon malum
Class Crustacean
Habitat Swamps, Volcanic enviroment, Underground waters
Description A dwarf-sized walking crustacean

The Prawn of Satan (Palaemon malum - evil prawn) is a half-demonic creature, originating from the dimension of hell.


It is about the size of a dwarf, but may grow bigger via selective breeding. It lives mainly in lava, but is able to walk on the ground as well. Most of these crustaceans live at the Great Lava Desert of Trogh or the Eastern Magmatic Plumules. The residents of San Satanos commonly keep it as a pet, and like to race them.

It is extremely malevolent and will attack any hero with no apparent reason.



  • Fire immunity.
  • Exoskeleton makes it outstandingly resistant to non-magic attacks.
  • Amphibious.
  • Agile in lava and water.
  • Excellent paired with tartar sauce and white wine.


  • Rather slow and clumsy on ground.
  • Dumb as a rock.
  • Vulnerable to freezing attacks.
  • Vulnerable joints.
  • Difficult to cook - see addendum



There have been reports that multiple divine wrath lightning strikes in short succession have done the trick. If the hero manages to survive the trial, they will have a delicious meal! This works best when the hero doesn't have a lot of gold in their inventory, as gold is an excellent conductor and may divert lightning away from the Prawn of Satan.