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This Template Is Deprecated — USE {{Monster}} INSTEAD

{{Monster}} can now create Pet infoboxes (since all Pets are Monsters), it should be used instead of this template. Setting either of the pet-only parameters (|pet-levels= or |pet-feature=) will automatically create a Pet infobox, or you can add |pet=yes to do it explicitly. So, for example...
{{Pet|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
{{Monster|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}} or
{{Monster|pet=yes |image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
See Template:Monster for full documentation.
This change will allow Pet articles to benefit from any improvements made to {{Monster}}.

The Prancing Pony (Equus diffundentur "horse that prances") is a tamable monster that likes to play more than it does to fight, but once a hero manages to tame it, it can become quite aggresive due to being in captivity. This unique monster was first sighted in France, while a group of tourists were visiting a beach where the Pony was found disguised as a heap of pink seaweed.

The name Prancing Pony came from the fact that the Pony loves to prance around. Its favorite color is pink and it likes the opposite sex just as much as it likes faeces. They have a penchant for eating gold as well as artifacts. Occasionally, they give their heros a ride, or an excuse to run from certain impending deaths.

Once tamed by a daring (or naïve) hero, these capricious creatures (like any other tamed pet) will gain a "pet personality" once it reaches level 3 & will randomly change every 3 levels gained afterwards. The personality will be displayed next to your pet's name surrounded by « and ».

example: Iago «Vivid»

A list of all possible Godville pet personalities can be found under the Pet Personalities Godwiki.