Praise Spider

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Monsters of Godville
Praise Spider
Loxosceles Superbia
Class Arachnid
Habitat Valley of Lost Hopes, Graveyard of the Chosen Ones, Land of Landmarks, Forests, Caves, Swamps, Castles, Palaces, and Mansions
Description Narcissistic Praise-Seeking Spider

Praise Spider(Loxosceles Superbia) is the least humble of all arachnids. They are extremely arrogant and prideful to a point where they cannot let themselves go twenty minutes without being complimented, flattered, and/or praised. Unlike most species of spiders, the Praise Spider can speak and understand human language.

General Information

A Praise Spider is a narcissist for its entire life, even when it is only a spiderling. They follow locals, passing travelers, other monsters, and heroes so it can bother them until said passerby gives it a compliment. However, some Praise Spiders will gather a posse to follow them around and shower them in praise, which constantly satisfies the spider's ego.

Most Praise Spiders live in beautiful or luxurious places, such as the Land of Landmarks, palaces, castles, and mansions. This is because such places are deemed fit for the presence of a Praise Spider who decides to live there. However, some will live in forests, caves, and swamps because it is easier to find others they can be by. The Valley of Lost Hopes is another common habitat for Praise Spiders because the locals there are easy to sway and may compliment them more often. But, the most narcissistic of all Praise Spiders live in the Graveyard of the Chosen Ones because, despite it being a hero burial site, the name of the graveyard has them convinced that they are chosen or special. This elevates the Praise Spiders' egos to a level where they will interrupt burial ceremonies and visitors in order to get compliments.

If anyone insults or humbles a Praise Spider in some way, the monster will attack. They are mildly venomous and rather easy to kill. Because of this, heroes will sometimes just attack them instead of praising the monster or humbling it.



  • Massive Ego
  • Mild Venom
  • Understand human speech
  • Can talk
  • May have a posse


  • Being humbled
  • Pretty weak
  • Arrogant