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The poweful sneeze is an ability your hero(heroine) can acquire to use in combat. If she/he has learned this skill, he/she will work up some energy and then sneeze very powerfully right in the opponents face. This will gross out the opponent as the contents of your hero's nose will fly everywhere. This move may not work every time, as it will take a while for the hero to learn how to aim properly.However, once mastered this skill will not be unlearned unless the hero is in a bad mood or has very low health.

The skill can be brought on during pollin season, by tickling the nose with a feather, by other various allergines, or with pure will power. The success of the skill increases steadily with the level of the skill.

Level 1-5

Sneezes are still so mild at this point that the enemy may not even realize that they have had a skill used on them; Rather they think that the hero or heroine was raised by wolves without manners and will disdainfully attempt to offer up a tissue or hankercheif. By this time, the user of the skill has succeeded in distracting it's adversary from the battle. While in the Arena, the hero or heroine will make use of the opponents resulting distraction, and the hero(ine) will sometimes slice off the enemies health bar and add it to your own. Sweet!!

Level 6-10

At this point your hero is learning to almost sneeze on whim when they are healthy. Weaker level monsters lose a lot of health as thier immune systems are compromised by fast acting mutated germs, stronger monsters like a Double Dragon just sneeze back with fire! Guess who wins that fight?

Level 11-15

Hero or heroine can sneeze with such accuracy that anyone who has this skill used on them will surely become germaphobic. Snot, saliva, and germs are shot out of the nose at extreme speed. The enemy may actually experience mild bruising where the sneezed projectiles land. Though still incredbly gross, impressed onlookers will have no choice but to offer up a congradulatory "bless you" or "gazundheight".

!Hero's Diary
01:35: The Guerilla Gorilla was shocked by the power of my 'powerful sneeze' skill.