Postman of the Apocalypse

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The Postman of the Apocalypse is a strong monster who brings news of the End.

Strong Monsters of Godville
Postman of the Apocalypse
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Strong Monster
Description Unknown


General Information

Commonly referred to as a "Mailman", the Postman of the Apocalypse is a docile creature who normally hides in the confines of its delivery truck, unless lured out by the sound of passing heroes. The Postman of the Apocalypse can be a very tricky foe, as it will approach heroes with what it claims is a letter for the hero. Upon coming within arms length of the hero, it will swipe furiously at the hero with the intent of giving the hero as many paper cuts as possible before the hero is able to regain his or her bearings.

In most cases, the Postman of the Apocalypse is a fairly harmless monster to encounter, but in some extreme cases, heroes have been scared into submission by the tales this monster tells about the apocalypse. If the monster is able to put a hero in a catatonic state, it's usually game over for the hero. The hero is simply packed into the Postman of the Apocalypse's delivery truck and never heard from again.



  • Can distract heroes with interesting letters and beautiful postcards.
  • Has extremely sticky saliva.
  • Very fast.
  • Can hide inside an envelope or a cardboard box.
  • Can fight in foul weather: rain, snow, sleet, and hail.


  • Afraid of dogs.
  • Salt and alcohol based hand sanitizers inflict additional damage to its many paper cuts.
  • Direct sunlight may cause them to burn.
  • Fire (they burn like paper).