Portable wormhole

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Artifacts of Godville
Portable wormhole
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Unknown
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Teleport to a random Town

Like the Portable tunnel, a portable wormhole is a rare item that has magical transportation properties. Instead of a solid object such as a wall or cliff face, the portable wormhole hangs unsupported in the air in front of the hero. Care should be taken when leaping through the hole in case portions of the hero's armour, or worse, their anatomy, get sheered off by the infinitely thin and therefore infinitely sharp edges of the wormhole. Using the portable wormhole has no effects on quest progress but after teleportation to the random town, hero(ine) continues quest from that milestone.

Instructions for use

This item can teleport the hero into a random town (requires 50% of godpower)