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One of the most important parts of being a Hero is to keep your weaknesses hidden. Usually, the facial expressions made during a fight tell the opponent what's effective and what isn't. To keep them guessing, it's important to refrain from using emotions (except anger). That's where the Poker Face comes in. This handy mask allows the wearer to keep a straight face during the fight. By doing so, the monster/enemy has no clue what's effective.This type of protection is most handy against melee fighters. Wizards can simply use magic to find the hero's weaknesses.

The mask is a simple oval shape with hand drawn eyes and a mouth. The mask is made of stainless steel. The power of it is so great, that is literally represses the wearer's emotions, not just keelp others from seeing the face. The downfall is that is must be taken off every couple of hours, or it will grow into the wearer's face. Heroes with this mask on have even worse luck with dates, not just because they can't feel infatuation, but because the people that do like the heroes often get turned down.