Poisoned kiss

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Poisoned Kiss

When utilising this Skill of Combat, the Hero must take great precaution in ensuring that the correct procedure is used when activating this method, as kissing the wrong target may prove fatal upon administration. This is a relativity simple procedure that any Hero should master at ease, however the Hero who discovered this skill didn't exactly administer this skill properly. Any Hero using this skill must take precautions not to stand near any loved ones or Pets when their lips are locked with their opponent, about 2 metres is optional and ideal. Any inexperience and mistakes during any of their efforts in finding love are almost no guarantee for success when using this Combat Skill.

How to use this Skill in Combat

1: Stand close to your Monster/Enemy

2: Activate 'Poisoned Kiss' and feel your charm and charisma grow

3: Purse your lips and move in for the final attack.

4. Your Monster should be dazed by now. Finish it off!