Photo of an invisible man

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Artifacts of Godville
Photo of an invisible man
Air guitar.jpg
Photo of an invisible man holding an air guitar on a white font. (1765 g.e., colorized)
Type 🧷Normal
Description Only true credulous souls can see it.

The Photo of an invisible man is an artifact that is more than meets the eye. [1]

General Information

Though a lot of heroic adventurers and other weird peoples try to get a picture of an invisible man, some lucky fellow managed not to get a picture, but an actual photo of an invisible man.

At least, that's what most habitants of Godville believe in, including champions, and this despite their respective deity protestations about this photo being a mere blank image.

It is unknown if the merchants are also convinced of this photo representing an invisible man or if they prentend to, trying to make money from the rich and credible habitants of Godville.


Notes & References

  1. Well not really, but that's what the traders say to their clients.